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BIOKAN OE Groothandel/Retail
We have been manufacturing since 1989
BIOKAN has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for 30 years. The application of the innovative ideas meets the needs of the modern and continuously developing food-service establishments.
Christofides Antonios
Christofides Antonios
Above Joy - Handmade, Playful and Artistic stuff
DO IT Hellas Cloud Solutions
DO IT Hellas Cloud Solutions IT/Communicatie
G Suite
Millions of professionals trust Google for their business
Glove technologies SA, Georgios Visvikis
Glove technologies SA, Georgios Visvikis
Glove Technology solutions is a company based in Greece, with branches extending across Europe. With a vast variety of products and services, Glove Technologies offers business solutions in terms of security and marketing management systems to some of the biggest companies in Greece. Our mission is to establish a system that will automate the processes of customer relationship management, sales, inventory, field service, warehouse manager and customer support, ensuring time and cost efficiency in every stage of the operational process.
Green Panda Μονοπροσωπη Ι Κ Ε||Green Panda
Green Panda Μονοπροσωπη Ι Κ Ε||Green Panda IT/Communicatie
Green Panda IKE is the first company that created a reciprocal recycling system for mobile phones using Recycling ATMs. The owners of the devices follow a very simple procedure that lasts less than 3 minutes and the profit is instant for both the owner and the planet. They have to place the smartphone in an ATM-like installation, the system will recognize the model and condition of the device and determine a price based on its current value. If the consumer accepts it, the corresponding amount will be credited to his bank account.

In order to properly manage and organize their operations, they have trusted us to leverage the power of Odoo to efficiently handle their inventory, track procedures and most importantly accurately and efficiently maintain their accounting, always adhering to the Greek financial and accounting laws.
Logika 4PL | Beyond Logistics
Logika 4PL | Beyond Logistics
Logika 4PL is a modern 4PL company with a main objective to cover the entire supply chain. Its aim is to ensure a smooth flow across the spectrum of the supply chain, saving time and cost. Combining flexibility with its expertise and knowledge ensures its adaptability to the ever-changing market conditions. Our company was tasked with creating a business solution that would be able to assist our customer in managing their accounting and customer relationships, as well as to optimize their operational processes through a custom-made, automated system that is able to accommodate every possible scenario.
Nordic Marina P.C.
Nordic Marina P.C.
Nordic Marina is the official distributor of the Marex, Hydrolift, Nordkapp and Sting motorboats in Greece and Cyprus. Nordic Marina provides their customers with services that make boating hassle free, by transferring to the Mediterranean the boating lifestyle of the North. With their headquarters at their facilities in Koropi, Athens, their services portfolio will cover all your relevant demands inhouse: Maintenance & Drydocking; Chartering; Yacht Management; Yacht financing and leasing
RealAct LLC (NAI RealAct)
RealAct LLC (NAI RealAct)
NAIRealAct is a real estate boutique firm, established in 2013, offering Valuation, Investment Consultancy, Tenant Representation, Strategic Real Estate Consultancy and Project Management Services. NAIRealAct’s goal is to optimize real estate potential while addressing the risk and hassles of real estate management, treating each client individually and every property uniquely. Partnering with a worldwide network,NAI RealAct is providing what international clients require in today’s challenging world: to achieve their objectives and ambitions. In order to solely focus on achieving their goals, NAIRealAct needed to eliminate the time and resources spent on operations that could be automated, investing those resources in innovating in the real estate market. Our company undertook the project of establishing a system that would optimize the processes of customer relationship management, sales and task management, data extraction and reporting.
SENSAP Microsystems SA
SENSAP Microsystems SA IT/Communicatie
SENSAP Swiss AG is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Systems Integrator, providing turn-key solutions that address Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions including Machine Vision Systems, AutoID-centric (RFID, Barcode) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) based on multi-sensor systems. SENSAP offers Automatic shop floor data collection (IIOT), comprising Hardware, Middleware, and Applications Software, for Human-Driven Operations, with reference to:
Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations Execution.
Asset Management and Preventive Maintenance.
Materials-Flow Traceability throughout the entire Product Supply-Chain and Lifecycle.
St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co (Best Pharmacy)
St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co (Best Pharmacy)
Best Pharmacy (St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co)
Best Pharmacy is a company based in Greece, with over 50 years of experience in providing pharmaceutical, health and beauty products as well as consulting services in the field of pharmaceuticals. Best Pharmacy aims to retain the same high quality of services both on their physical store, as well as on their e-shop. In order to achieve the same high standards on their online platform, Existanze was tasked with implementing a fully integrated system, which would assist the company in organizing and handling the company warehouses, inventory, online orders and logistics, as well as the accounting processes, ensuring the provision of Best Pharmacy’s high quality services to as many customers as possible.
Tensor Technologies IKE
Tensor Technologies IKE
DeepSea Technologies is a team of AI researchers, engineers and sector experts, bringing the latest deep learning technology to the shipping industry. By using cutting-edge technology, DeepSea strives to lead the shipping industry in a leaner, greener and better-connected future. The experienced team of DeepSea AI has worked with Existanze in order to implement a fully integrated inventory, accounting and financial reporting, managing every task digitally, saving both time and resources that will be used for innovation and development.
VOP Cables
VOP Cables
VOP Cables is a company based in Greece, having its operations based in Athens and Thessaloniki. With its 40 years of experience, VOP offers the best high-quality products thanks to its long-lasting partnerships and international certifications

VOP Cables were using an old ERP and they were interested in implementing a full fledge solution that handles there supply chain operation and allows them to become a paperless company.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of an experienced team of Ever Business Solutions, VOP Cables expressed the need to implement a fully integrated business management solution enabling the company to oversee, monitor, track, and control all of its operations, with areas including: Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, HR, Inventory, Website & eCommerce, Helpdesk, and CRM.
Using Odoo, Ever Business Solutions, the official Odoo partner, offered VOP the ability to automate the internal processes and simplify day-to-day activities, in addition to granting the company access to a sustainable future by cutting unnecessary costs and adopting a paperless approach.