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VOP Cables
VOP Cables
VOP Cables is a company based in Greece, having heavy operations based in Athens and Thessaloniki. With over 40 years of experience, and 3,437 cable codes, VOP receives on average 10 shipments per week to serve a global portfolio of electrical equipment stores, construction companies and large industrial organizations thanks to its long-lasting partnerships and international certifications.

With the support of an experienced team, VOP Cables expressed the need to implement a fully integrated business management solution enabling the company to oversee, monitor, track, and control all of its operations, with areas including: Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, HR, Inventory, Website & eCommerce, Helpdesk, and CRM. Using Odoo, Ever Business Solutions offered VOP the ability to automate the internal processes and simplify day-to-day activities, in addition to granting the company access to a sustainable future by cutting unnecessary costs and adopting a paperless approach.