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Al-Nuboogh Trading co.
Al-Nuboogh Trading co. Dịch vụ Khác
We are United Group of companies, which consists of (Al Nuboogh Co. Ltd, Al Mahboob Co. Ltd, and Global Waves Co. Ltd) which are located in Iraq.

We have seven branches in Baghdad City with 30 employees.

We established our trading company in Dubai (Green Energy Trading L.L.C) since 2008 and we have many branches in Kurdistan Region, Northern part of Iraq.

We are exclusive sole agent of many famous international companies such as (Ariston Thermo S.P.A., Thermowatt S.P.A, Galco S.A., and Invensys Control S.R.O).
Baghdad Hotel
Baghdad Hotel Dịch vụ Khác
Baghdad Hotel is the first and oldest hotels in Baghdad and Middle East. The hotel was established in 1953 and opened in 1958. The hotel overlooks the six towers on the Tigris River and the other side on Al-Saadoun Street. The hotel is distinguished from other hotels through a wonderful range of services and amenities. Give guests a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Brand aid
Brand aid Dịch vụ Khác
Brand Aid is Printing & Fabricating marketing solutions Since 2006. Brand Aid is a marketing-driven company providing customized production solutions and digital printing.

Located in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Iran Brand Aid's main objective is to consistently meet clients’ satisfaction and exceed their expectations in service quality and performance.
Brand Aid’s mission is to help individuals and companies elevate their business growth, increase their sales and enhance their brand’s exposure through the power of marketing.
Dashti Sanat Company
Dashti Sanat Company Dịch vụ Khác
Dashti Sanat Company is proud to provide high-quality base operations and logistics services responsive to our customer’s requirements, delivered by an experienced team of professionals with technical expertise from Logistic industry. Dashti Sanat Company proud to provide high-quality base operations and logistics services responsive to our customer’s requirements
Information Windows for Electronic Payment Services & IT Ltd.
Information Windows for Electronic Payment Services & IT Ltd. Dịch vụ Khác
Information Windows Company is an Iraqi company registered in Iraq, and it provides information technology services to banks and institutions, processing and issuing electronic payment cards Visa and Master Card and holds a license to carry out the work of completing electronic payment projects from the Central Bank of Iraq No. (4) according to the law of the Central Bank of Iraqi. The company is licensed to implement and facilitate electronic payment work throughout Iraq and its scope of work includes: providing services to banks to issue prepaid cards through international payment companies, as well as providing various services to banks and facilitating the process of paying and collecting bills through the establishment of systems and reports.
Jasper Group
Jasper Group Dịch vụ Khác
Jasper Group is a diversified group of companies in Baghdad, Iraq with an exceptional reputation for professional and progressive business practices.

Established in 2008, Jasper Group Limited, together with its five subsidiaries (Khatawat Al Najah, Al Nasim Al Hadi, Hokol Al Sahraa, Al Najma Al Tholathiya, and Zain Al Iraq Bank), is an Iraqi group of companies which offers a broad spectrum of products and services headquartered in Baghdad.

From its humble beginnings in 2008 as a group of companies, Jasper Group has successfully expanded its scope of business across industries including Civil Engineering, Energy & Power, Manufacturing, Investments, Trading, Freight Services, Legal, Oil & Gas, Trading, Furniture and Real Estate.
Seed kurdistan Foundation
Seed kurdistan Foundation Dịch vụ Khác
Social, Educational, and Economic Development

SEED is working to promote social, educational, and economic development and promote humanitarian assistance in Iraqi Kurdistan.

SEED Foundation, a local registered charity in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, is implementing a variety of projects across Kurdistan, and was founded by Sherri Kraham Talabany and Tanya Gilly Khailany in 2014. SEED Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of international women with expertise in a range of professions who are all committed to Kurdistan equitable, sustainable development and to addressing the humanitarian challenges Kurdistan faces today.

SEED for Change, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Washington, D.C. SEED for Change’s focus is to increase public awareness in the U.S. and raise support and funding for SEED Foundation’s work in Kurdistan. The Board of Directors represent an experienced group of philanthropists, policy-makers, and Kurdistan experts.
Swedo (QANDIL)
Swedo (QANDIL) Dịch vụ Khác
QANDIL was founded in Stockholm, in 1991 as a Swedish not-for-profit, non-governmental humanitarian aid organization. The aims of the organization are to provide humanitarian assistance, promote peace through developmental and rehabilitation projects, support economic and social development, improve human rights, assist in the improvement of local governance structures and improve the lives of vulnerable people, including local communities, internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and returnees of all ages and groups. Through this holistic programme, QANDIL aims to provide long-term and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by communities, but also to enhance the capacity of all stakeholders, promoting local resilience as the key strategy for reducing the reliance on the international community. Currently, QANDIL is focused on these activities within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) and has offices in Erbil, Sulaymaniah, Dohuk and Baghdad.