Success Packs

Coaching, implementation assistance, and customizations.

One experienced consultant will be your single point of contact and help you achieve whatever your customer wants.

Partner Program


Help the partner deliver quality services to complete / sell their project(s);

Reassure the customer by having the Editor involved in the project;

Help with occasional functional and technical questions.

Work with the partner on a concrete case to teach them the Odoo Implementation methodology and the product (functional knowledge and ability to explore).

Dedicated Consultant

Your dedicated consultant has access to these experts to help you achieve your goals:

Pre-sales Analyst (PM/BA)

The PA provides support in:

  • RFI/P/Q answers
  • GAP & ROI analysis
  • POC preparation and presentation
  • Delivering complex demos

Project Leader (PM/BA)
Project Directors (PM)

The PL or PD provides support during the implementation to:

  • Monitor the project
  • Apply / Teach the Odoo Implementation Methodology
  • Do / review the analysis with the partner's Business Analyst(s)

Experts (BA)

The Expert provides support in pre-sales processes & during implementations by:

  • Doing peer reviews
  • Challenging analysis
  • Defining implementation strategies in their area of expertise
  • Increase partner’s resources’ level of knowledge and understanding

Technical Consultant

The Technical consultant provides:

  • Technical advices
  • Development coaching


The coach provides coaching and support to partner’s resources for them to grow as Odoo Project Leaders. They can:

  • Follow their onboarding phase up
  • Do Pipe review (high level monitoring of their projects pipe)
  • Discuss any of their project issues
  • The responsibility of the project remains on the partner(s) side;
  • It is not outsourcing;
  • The consultant assignment to the different missions identified is an exclusive prerogative of Odoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

We assign a functional consultant to a Partner Success Pack as soon as the nature of the mission justifies it (actual defined mission on a project or internal mission).

All functional consultants have access to all the Odoo resources: functional (pre-sales analysts, expert, project directors) and technical (developers or system administrators). They will put you in contact with the appropriate resource(s) based on your requirement(s).

This service aims at helping our partners grow and transferring our knowledge to partners. The Partner Success Pack is the perfect service to get up-to-speed on Odoo. Your dedicated consultant can help you on pre-sales effort:

  • prepare customer demonstrations
  • coach your Odoo team and train you on new features
  • answer RFIs

and help you succeed your first implementation projects:

  • advice on critical decisions
  • provide functional and technical support

This service cannot be used to subcontract a project to Odoo. Our goal is to help our partners become autonomous and be able to deliver future projects without our help.

* Help to answer RFI's or RFP's:

  • The RFI/RFP qualification request form needs to be filled in by the partner. This qualification request includes a checklist on the overall feasibility (Is the partner in contact with the decision makers? Does the partner can undertake the execution of RFP? Can he ensure a good realization of the project if accepted?,...). Odoo retains the right to refuse RFI/RFQ work in case of low success rate;
  • The partner needs to inform Odoo about the RFI/RFP minimum 2 weeks before sending it through the RFI/RFP qualification request form;
  • Odoo has a minimum of 2 weeks upon RFI/RFP receipt, to provide the feedback/answer on the open RFI/RFP questions to the partner.

*Gap Analysis is performed hand in hand with the partner (partner remains responsible of the project).

* On-site or remote intervention:

  • Travel time is deducted from the Pack;
  • Travel expenses are charged separately;
  • For technical remote intervention, SSH access required (connectivity tested upfront by partner).

* Help to complete any mission:

  • The partner has to define clearly the nature of the support expected before Odoo to assign any resource
  • The partner must inform Odoo (his AM or dedicated consultant) minimum 2 weeks before the expected beginning of the mission;

* Apply the Odoo Implementation Methodology:
Read our Odoo Implementation Methodology Book

  • #1 Objective: On time & on budget.
  • Making decisions (how) for the customer (what and why).
  • Develop the minimum necessary.
  • Limited amount of project stakeholders.
  • Train future internal Odoo experts.
  • Focus on the project success, not the immediate customer satisfaction.

* Implement Odoo Enterprise:
The Odoo Services for Partner are available exclusively on Odoo Enterprise implementations.

* Ask occasional questions:

  • It is still possible to get occasional support from the functional and technical consulting team. In this case, your Partner Success Pack will not be assigned and your requests will be handled by a pool of experienced consultants (functional and technical).
  • To benefit from that, send an email to

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