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The Voice of the Partner: Omnia Solutions

"We chose Odoo because we saw the power of Python which is a language that allows you to do very nice stuff. It's easy to do modules and customize stuff for customers. It allows you to solve any problem you have...
Odoo is easy, fast and beautiful. It's a product that has a future and it grows very fast. It allows you to solve your problems immediately."

Matteo Boscolo, Co-founder of Omnia Solutions

The Voice of the Partner: URSA

" With Odoo, you have the freedom. Freedom of having the source code, the freedom to modify it, the freedom to share with others... I think that's really important. Similarly, what comes right along with that is flexibility and the comprehensiveness, all the different areas that Odoo covers. "

Gregory Mader, President at URSA


The Voice of the Partner: Dynapps

"We recommend Odoo for smaller companies because it's flexible and it's open source so there is less investment to do. Users can learn to work with Odoo very quickly because it's very intuitive."

Karel Hendrickx, Managing Partner at Dynapps

The Voice of the Partner: BHC

"Many words could be used to describe Odoo but the most important for me are easy to use for clients. Flexible - we have a tool which is on the one hand ready to use, and on the other hand we can fully personalize it. For me these are the two really important things."

Nicolas Doclot, Project Manager at BHC


The Voice of the Partner: Acsone

"Odoo platform is very well done and it;s flexible, so we decided to have Odoo as a platform to develop business applications for our customers. We started a real business with Odoo. We have a competency centre making projects for different kind of customers."

Philippe Fontaine, Managing Director at Acsone

The Voice of the Partner: Rackoon

"We have a strong experience for many years with installing Odoo - We already did more than thousands of installations of Odoo. We know how to install this system and our team is working on optimizing the installation."

Rob Gielen, Consultant at Rackoon

"We have chosen Odoo because it's a great toool and we  can see the visionary CEO and we believe in this vision and that this software is a way to go."

Nick Wouters , Director at Rackoon


The Voice of the Partner: Eezee-It

"It's a super experience. As I said we started five years ago with 1 client and after that 5 clients, then 10. We hired more employees. Unlike some partners, we created Eezee-it solely around Odoo. It's our core business, we don't do anything else. The experience has been extremely positive. We are Gold Partners with small and medium customers and also large customers with 200 or 400 users daily."

Nicolas Rigo, co-founder of Eezee-It

The Voice of the Partner: Audaxis

"Today Odoo is a company that makes a buzz. Odoo does this smartly and in several areas, for instance it is novel. We really feel that there is a lot of internal activity at Odoo or in the partners network, which is really productive and interesting with their different skills. "

Jean-Luc Delsaute, Practice Manager at Audaxis


The Voice of the Partner: IFE GmbH

Wolfram Müller from our Gold Partner IFE GmbH tells us about their activities within the currently largest German-speaking customer base. IFE GmbH has been implementing Odoo projects since 2011 and has already made various contributions to the localization of Odoo accounting in German-speaking countries and more in the form of additional modules. In addition, Wolfram describes what makes Odoo's success as software and how he experiences the growing demand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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