Vista general

Intuitive interface

Modern task management. Get all the information you need, wherever you need it.

Mobile app

Gestione tu trabajo con rapidez y eficacia, incluso cuando no estés en tu mesa.

Vista de Kanban

Get a clear overview of your team's tasks, visually grouped by dates or custom stages.

Vista de mapa

Plan and view your itinerary on the map, making it easier to organize your day.

Vista de Gantt

Manage your team's tasks with a simple drag and drop: plan dates, change assignees, and set up dependencies. Avoid double booking or unassigned tasks, and schedule tasks in batches.

Vista de calendario

Plan your agenda by day, week, or hour using a simple calendar view.

Vista de lista

Perform mass actions: send messages, emails, and reports, or simply archive and delete tasks on the fly.

Vista de actividad

Easily tackle pending activities, plan new ones, and identify any existing roadblocks.

Gestión de tareas


Centralize all activities in a single log: calls, emails, meetings, reminders, and work notes are all tracked in the task. Tag colleagues, message clients, and add media files and reactions.

Automated task creation

Tasks can be generated automatically via an email alias or a web form, as well as from a sales order or a helpdesk ticket.

Email alias

Emails sent to an alias of your choice will trigger the creation of a new task in your pipeline.

Formulario en la web

Allow your customers to create tasks by filling in a web form. Customize the details to ensure that the correct information is always captured.

Orden de venta

Crea tareas automáticamente cuando se venda un producto o un servicio.

Helpdesk tickets

Support agents can create field service tasks from their tickets, allowing for smooth collaboration.

Hojas de horas

Usa el temporizador integrado para rastrear tu tiempo laboral desde el menú de tareas. También podrás ver el registro del tiempo directamente desde el chatter de tareas.

Hojas de horas personalizables

Design your worksheet templates, configuring all the fields needed to give your customers detailed reports. Create multiple templates for different intervention types, or other needs.

Tareas recurrentes

Automate the creation of recurring tasks, for example, maintenance or meetings.

Portal de cliente

Un portal específico en el que tus clientes podrán ver y gestionar tareas, presupuestos, facturas y informes.

Customer reports

Customer reports are generated at the end of each task and include details of the products used, timesheets, and the worksheet.


Allow your customers to sign the report directly from the mobile app.

Ventas y facturación

Catálogo de productos

Agrega productos vendibles con un solo toque.

Extra quotations

Create and send quotations while on the job. Use predefined products, price lists, payment terms, and quotation templates.

Instant invoices

Create draft invoices directly from the task form. Tracked working time and sold products are captured automatically.

Inventario preciso

Define a default warehouse per team member and add tracked products by lot or serial numbers to tasks, keeping inventory up to date with zero effort.


Pivot tables

Create pivot tables to analyze your team's tasks, export them to .xls format, and include them in spreadsheets.


Build reports using bar, pie, and line charts. Remove or add data in one click.

Análisis de tareas

Crea todo tipo de reportes para tus tareas, en función de las medidas, los filtros y los intervalos de tiempo que desees.

Worksheets analysis

Get statistics based on the worksheet templates used in the customer reports. Track custom measures (eg. intervention types, equipment used), and gain insight to improve onsite work.

Customer ratings

Gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction.

Rentabilidad del proyecto

Measure how successful the Field Service project is in generating profits or returns on investment.