DG IT - Government of Baluchistan
DG IT - Government of Baluchistan
Government of Balochistan, Science and Information Technology Department procured the services of BA Tech  to develop an Online Library Management System along with book scanning module where the admin of different libraries  uploads and scans copies of their libraries. 

A separate Standalone Desktop Based Library Management System is  developed by the us to control/automate over all processes of library within the college for the facilitation of students and academic staff. 

The desktop solution is 18 Degree colleges of Balochistan.

The library management module initiates for an easy management of libraries. Using application, the user can simply import books via unique ISBN number and also manage members, membership types, books, book details like authors and awards. In addition, the module automatically detects membership expiry, due date of issued books and also due amounts of the expired registry items. User invoices the membership renewal amount and any due during the book return. In a click, user can import all details of a book via ISBN number. The module also helps in configuring default membership journal, due amount invoice journal, also the suffix and prefix details for generating the membership id. Using library management, the user can generate different types of reports for both books and members

The Library Management System in Odoo is a module built to handle the functionalities of a library in the most efficient manner. This system helps to keep track of the books alongside their issuing, renewing and returning processes. Also the application takes care of the member’s subscriptions and profiles. The application helps in maintaining the entries for new book and their due dates and the membership renewals of the library members. In short a smart solution for the intuitive management of your library.
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