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 Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic
Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Established in the year 2000, Dr. Amina Al Amiri Clinic is where the art and science of skin care comes together, offering the most advanced and effective Dermatology and Aesthetic treatments available in Skin, Hair and Nails.
Being the leading clinic in the U.A.E, we believe in treating our patients who face occasional flare- up, chronic disorder or cosmetic condition with highest quality of care and service.
We ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of each patient with every individual customized treatment plan and seek towards excellence, enhancing and keeping abreast with the latest advanced techniques and state -of- the - art technology in Modern Science.
2A MEDICAL, Abdelhay Aloui
2A MEDICAL, Abdelhay Aloui Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Spécialisée dans l'importation et la distribution de produits chimiques, matériels médicales , consommables de laboratoire.
3-D Matrix Europe SAS
3-D Matrix Europe SAS Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Médical | Odoo v12
Principales Odoo Apps : Facturation, Inventaire, CRM, Achats, Ventes

Spin-off du MIT, l'une des universités américaines les plus renommées, le Groupe 3D-Matrix développe et fabrique des biomatériaux innovants avec de nombreuses applications dans le domaine médical.
3MD Pharma Co
3MD Pharma Co Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Al Karma International Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and laser medications and technologies in the world.

With the fast growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.
7 Leaf Clover
7 Leaf Clover Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Find the best CBD Hemp product online and in-store in New York Brooklyn. Organic hemp sourced across the US and the EU deliver to your door in no time.
9solutions Oy
9solutions Oy Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
9Solutions on Suomen johtava paikantavien turva- ja viestintäjärjestelmien sekä älykkäiden hoivaratkaisujen toimittaja. He tarjoavat kehittyneitä teknologiaratkaisuja turvallisen ja laadukkaan hoidon tueksi. 9Solutions Oy on perustettu vuonna 2010.

9Solutions is the leading provider of indoor location-based safety, communications and smart care solutions. They offer advanced technology solutions to support safe and high-quality care. 9Solutions Oy was founded in 2010.
AARDEX Group SA Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Société: AARDEX

SECTEUR D'ACTIVITE: Santé/Social Pharmaceutical

DESCRIPTION: Aardex is the world market leader in measuring and managing medication adherence. Managing patient compliance can make the difference between failed and successful clinical trials.We speed up your drug development for pharmaceutical or biotech companies, for university or research centre and for healthcare companies.

ADAPEI DE LA LOIRE Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Présentation de l’association :
L’Adapei de la Loire est une association de parents et d’amis de personnes en situation de handicap.
L’Adapei de la Loire a été créée en 1957 et reconnue d’utilité publique par décret du 18 juin 1964. L’association accueille et accompagne des enfants et adultes dont le handicap mental résulte d’une déficience intellectuelle moyenne à sévère. Depuis plusieurs années, l’association a élargi son champ d’intervention à l’autisme et au handicap psychique.
ADLER Instrumentos, S.L.
ADLER Instrumentos, S.L. Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Adler Instrumentos es una empresa dedicada al asesoramiento y suministro de instrumentación electrónica de medida y ensayos para instalaciones industriales y laboratorios.

Fue fundada en 1995 por profesionales con una dilatada experiencia en el campo de la instrumentación electrónica procedente de distintas empresas del sector.

Actualmente cuenta con oficinas en Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastián y Sevilla dando cobertura y atención a todas las necesidades que surjan en cualquier lugar de todo el territorio nacional.
ALIMA Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
ONG humanitaire médicale internationale. Mise en place des modules Comptabilité, Projet, Feuilles de temps, CRM donateurs & Espace donateurs, CRM reporting bailleurs, Supply, Gestion de laboratoires.
ANDERSEN, S.A. Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Su historia comienza hace más de 45 años, en 1974, y desde entonces se han dedicado a aportar soluciones integrales para la salud y bienestar animal, con productos nutricionales, materias primas especiales, ingredientes y aditivos para la nutrición animal.
AP Solutions SRL
AP Solutions SRL Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
SeekandCare est la première plateforme en ligne, qui facilite les relations entre les professionnels de la santé et les fournisseurs de produits et services médicaux. Nous développons des outils numériques spécifiquement dédiés au secteur des soins de santé dans le but de vous faciliter la vie.

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ASCO® Group
ASCO® Group Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Advanced Scientific Company (ASCO) provides instruments, consumables, kits, reagents, training, support, and maintenance. We represent companies like Promega, Cepheid, Sacace, Roche Diagnostics. ASCO has accomplished many medical projects through the past years, the long term strategy of the company is to provide a self contained and sustained medical projects, Although the scope of each project has varied, one common attribute has made ASCO team the best in the business, namely superior quality and proficiency in execution.
ASELIA Pharma Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Aselia is a skincare brand powered by active natural ingredients .They are pioneered clean clinical skincare with naturally effective.
AYAmed Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
AYAmed Centro Médico e de Hemodiálise is a modern standard clinc in Maputo City.  In order to improve the services provided to its customers, they decided to expand the laboratory services to include COVID-19 tests in bulk, also improve its Pharmacy management, consolidate Financial and Analytical Accounting, General Inventory and continue to pursue the paperless operation.  
To this end, AYAmed chose to implement a computer system complementary to the clinical management system with which it started its operation, having opted for Odoo, in a selection process that evidenced the satisfaction of the following general requirements:
1. Modern and Innovative Technology;
2. Proven operating efficiency in a similar laboratory;
3. Possibility of immediate and short time implementation;
4. Possibility of scaling the technological solution to gradually cover other services and processes of the Clinic in the future, maintaining the integration between them;
5. Future possibility of adding clinical services and other functions such as managing appointments/exams/treatments, ambulances, home treatment, document management, clinical imaging, etc.
Acculab Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Acculab is the newest division of Ibn Hayan Health Group that has been conceived to cater to the day-to-day Laboratory needs of both doctors and patients Acculab is a full-fledged medical laboratory equipped with the latest machines that are capable to analyzing any blood tests with its accuracy and precision. Headquarted In El sheikh zayed and catering both patients and Doctors with premium quality and personalized care
Action Damien
Action Damien Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Action Damien is a medical development NGO which was created in 1964 with the aim of fighting leprosy,
tuberculosis and other poverty-related diseases.
This NGO wanted to simplify its accounting, set up an eCommerce site and a website and much more.
Advanced Therapeutic Materials Ltd
Advanced Therapeutic Materials Ltd Sức khoẻ/Xã hội
Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd is a UK wide distributor of medical device products, based in Warwick in the West Midlands.