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INFORISE Certified v12
INFORISE is a Software Consulting Company specializing in delivering business solutions based on Odoo framework. Our general approach to implement solutions for our customers which targeted to a specific issues and deliver it in manageable, affordable Odoo based software.

Call us on (+973-77366444) - info@inforiseit.com

1# First Odoo Silver Partner in Bahrain with more than 100+ Odoo ERP projects in Bahrain in private and public sectors ...
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Ready Đối tác

AZ Consulting
AZ Consulting
AZ Consulting is a Bahrain-based company providing IT management consulting services across the GCC. We help organizations get the maximum ROI from their investment on IT. We focus on SMEs across all industries with the objective of making IT as their business enabler and a source of competitive advantage. Odoo ERP is a cornerstone in our proposed IT architecture towards this objective. We, at AZ, believe that Technology will not have the desired impact without the effective performance of Peopl ...
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Pro Advisory Business Solutions W.L.L
Pro Advisory Business Solutions W.L.L
To Manage your Business profitably, you need the right solutions and capabilities to grow correctly. Pro Advisory Business Solutions desires to be part of your success by providing accounting, bookkeeping, IT services and Business consultation suited to your needs. We pride ourselves as certified advisers and Pro advisers of IT services .
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Maarej Systems Development
Maarej Systems Development
شركة معارج لتطوير النظم ذ.م.م
مقرها الرئيسي في مملكة البحرين نقدم الحلول التقنية للمؤسسات و الشركات في مملكة البحرين و الخليج العربي باستخدام أنظمة أودوو ، نحن في معارج نسعي إلي حوسبة اﻷعمال و العمليات في مؤسستكم لكي ترتقي بأمان علي سلم التقدم التقني المتسارع دائماً ...
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Alchemist Consulting
Alchemist Consulting
Contact: 36736734 / connect.bh@alchemistme.com
‘Alchemist Consulting' is an Accounting & Consulting firm with dynamic professionals and Industry experts. Services offered by ‘Alchemist' encompass Accounting & Book keeping, Value Added Tax Consulting, ERP Implementation, Assurance services, Financial &Business Advisory, Performance &Risk Advisory, Merger &Acquisition and Company incorporation services. Through our offices in Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, & India and Professional networks in Oman, Singapo ...
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Abdulaal IT Solutions
Abdulaal IT Solutions
Contact us : +973 33771183 – info@abdulaalit.com

Abdulaal IT solutions is an IT-services, software solutions and Hardware provider with over 10 years of experience. We focus on IT consulting and custom software engineering services for SME.
As a Ready Odoo Partner, we are offering Odoo Implementation, Development, Integration, Training and support. ...
Pure Support
Pure Support
أُنشأت شركة بيور لدعم المعلوملات في عام 1998م بنسبة 100% من البحرنة. وقد وضعت في أولوياتها تقديم خدمات الهاتف المتنقل والثابت والحاسب الآلي وأنظمة التشغيل والبرمجيات وكافة أنظمة الحماية وأجهزة تتبع المركبات وأجهزة المراقبة بإستخدام آخر ماتوصلت له التقنية من وسائل حديثة ومعايير دقيقة ومتقدمة في القطاعين العام والخاص.
Technoware for Information and Telecommunication Technology
Technoware for Information and Telecommunication Technology Certified v12
Technoware is an experienced IT and Telco Service provider based in Bahrain and serving customers across the Middle East with a specific focus on building strong long-lasting relationships with clients.

Being an Odoo solution partner, Technoware has evolved into a specialist partner focusing on the areas of Sales, Warehouse, HR and Accounting on Odoo. Technoware has a highly experienced team of consultants who help clients get their solution live in the shortest span of time with a great valu ...
Thiqa Al Tamayoz Programming S.P.C
Thiqa Al Tamayoz Programming S.P.C
THIQA Al-Tamayoz Programming S.P.C an IT services company focused on providing affordable services designed to increase efficiency, high-quality cost-effective IT services and solutions, using an international standard that satisfies the needs of its various customer through internal development and strategic alliances to benefit its shareholders, employees and the society.
TAP the ultimate stop portal for all ICT, enterprise solution and consultation services by providing numerous services