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City Art IT SOLUTIONS IT/Truyền thông
سيتي آرت لحلول تقنية المعلومات هي شركة عالمية تعمل في المملكة العربية السعودية وماليزيا واليمن، ومصر، وتركيا. متخصصة في مجال الأنظمة المتكاملة للشركات والمؤسسات والمنظمات وفي بناء وتصميم المواقع الإلكترونية وتطبيقات الجوال وتقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي
وتتميز بفريق عمل متخصص في جميع مجالات العمل، وتعمل بمرونة في تطوير الأنظمة حسب احتياجات العملاء وتقدم أفضل الحلول التقنية لتنظيم العمل وتوفير الجهد والوقت والمال مما يؤدي إلى النمو السريع للشركات لأنواع مختلفة من الأنشطة التجارية.
City Art for IT solutions is a global company working in: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Yemen, Egypt, and Turkey. Specialized in the field of integrated systems for companies, institutions, and organizations and in building and designing websites, mobile applications, and AI.
It is characterized by a specialized team in all areas of work and works flexibly in developing systems according to customers' needs and provides the best technology solutions to organize work and save effort, time, and money, which leads to the rapid growth for the companies of various types of businesses activity.
 Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys) IT/Truyền thông
A consulting company spanning two verticals—viz., automation technology and Telecommunication technology, Innovative Systems focuses on implementing relevant solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Innovative Systems has business and technology partners around the globe.
At Innovative Systems, customer satisfaction through our quality services is a priority. We provide you with true value-for-investment solutions, technological advantages, and immediate reliable support.
Our focus areas are Automation Technology and Telecommunication Technology.
Abdulmajeed AlDakhil Office For Accounting and Auditing (DPA)
Abdulmajeed AlDakhil Office For Accounting and Auditing (DPA) IT/Truyền thông
A company of passionated individuals whom seeks understanding the regional clients business objectives and solving their business issues using application software and professional financial services.
Adhlal IT/Truyền thông
Adhlal is a social enterprise dedicated to helping the Saudi design industry thrive and prosper.
We believe in the transformative power of design to enable positive social change and economic prosperity.
We unite industry professionals, government officials and legislators, scholars and students, and communities to develop solutions that address the critical commercial and cultural challenges facing the Saudi design industry.
Advanced Technology & Services Co. (AT&S)
Advanced Technology & Services Co. (AT&S) IT/Truyền thông
Advanced Technology & Services Co. (AT&S) was established in 2007 as an IT/Telecom System Integrator, and source of high-tech products to Users in the Telecom, Oil & Gas, Aviation and other verticals & Enterprises in Saudi Arabia.
Al Kam Telecommunication and IT Company
Al Kam Telecommunication and IT Company IT/Truyền thông
Virtual Vision (V2) is a business technology company with the primary objective of applying technology in a purposeful manner that results in a business benefit for customers. Established in 2006, V2 is a market leader in Cloud, managed and professional services, and general IT solutions.
In 2018 we launched V2 Cloud as a Public Local Cloud Service to provide Saudi Arabia and the Middle East companies with Saudi Cloud and local hosting services that meet their needs. A Cloud that is easy to use but at the same time provides powerful underlying computing power with an approach and tools that channel that power most effectively.
Companies in the Middle East require granular, redundant, and secure services, regardless of their size or business area. As a result, the demand for reliable Saudi Cloud services is growing fast, but V2 brings its flexible public V2 Cloud platform in Riyadh just on time with solid support to be an authorized Saudi Cloud Service Provider by CITC and Certified as Class (C) By CTIC, The highest Class rating for Cloud Services Provider.
Al Rajhi Telecom
Al Rajhi Telecom IT/Truyền thông
Al-Rajhi Telecom is a Telecommunication & ICT Solutions Company with the capacity and experience for providing strategic technology solutions that achieve real business results for businesses in diverse industries.

Some services provided include telecommunication, safety & security, and data centers.
AlSaedeya SA
AlSaedeya SA IT/Truyền thông

Al-Saedeya Est. for Telecommunication and its group of companies have experts to cover all the jobs in Telecommunications, DWDM, Dark Fiber, Fiber Splicing, WiMax Implementation, RAN implementation, MSAN Implementation, DSLAM, Micro DSLAM, MW Implementation, Long Distance Fiber Optic Networks,, DSL, Power Plant Erection, Lamda & ADMU Implementation,, GSM and WCDMA Implementation Sitheen Street, Behind Al-Ummama Commercial Center Malaz, Riyadh
Alhussain Aldeghreer CPAs
Alhussain Aldeghreer CPAs IT/Truyền thông
Alhussien Aldeghreer Accounting office has simplified all financial processes by using advanced technology and automated tools to support business. offering a full spectrum of accounting, bookkeeping services, auditing, and tax services.
Alshrouq Express for Information Technology & Telecommunication
Alshrouq Express for Information Technology & Telecommunication IT/Truyền thông
Al-Shrouq Telecom is a subsidiary of Al-Shrouq, having used Odoo for 2 Years in the main company, they've decided to implement the same in Al-Shrouq Telecom
Alta Pete Business Solutions
Alta Pete Business Solutions IT/Truyền thông
Altapete Business Solutions (APS) committed to provide quality Odoo implementation and support services. APS is one of the leading ERP and software organizations, offering wide range of Open Source Business Applications worldwide, Odoo being one of the flagship products. APS has successfully completed Odoo implementation for various businesses including Trading, Manufacturing, eCommerce & Services industry. APS is located in Pakistan, KSA & Bahrain being the development Center. APS team has been working on ERP implementations since 2007.
Ark Tek
Ark Tek IT/Truyền thông
ِARK Tek Information Technology and Communication Company is a leading company provides Communications and information technology services that covers the entire technological, operational, tactical, and strategic of customer requirements. Ark Tek has a variety of products and services that cover all Cabling, Networking, UPS, CCTV solutions
BI Solutions
BI Solutions IT/Truyền thông
We offer guidance to our customers on determining their business requirements and reaching out to the best solutions to the current and the upcoming challenges. Our experts will aid you by investigating the business situations, pinpointing and analyzing the improvement opportunities in your business, defining the needs and maintaining the competent use of technology in achieving exceptional performance. We provide our customers with the utmost benefits from Digital Transformation so as to boost their business and achieve the desired success.
Bits IT/Truyền thông
Bits is an integrated technology solutions provider committed to delivering cutting -edge solutions and technology to their clients, supporting the economy and the facilities management eco system across the region. They provide services such as integration , customizations and localizing systems according to clients' needs.
Bonat KSA
Bonat KSA IT/Truyền thông
جيل جديد لادارة تفاعل العملاء 💎 تواصل، ولاء ، نمو 🧡 للتواصل

CX Creators
CX Creators IT/Truyền thông
CX Creators is one of the most promising companies in Marketing and CRM strategies, surveys and operations services provider in KSA.

They have a very good market share in the health sector and they are talented to generate leads and opportunities for their clients.

CX Creators was created to be a full-service consultancy offering a full range of services covering every aspect of the customer experience lifecycle. They help our clients design, build, activate, measure, and govern their way to success.

Our international services are offered across a multitude of industries. They specialize in CX projects with many moving parts because they know that the return on investment from CX can only be achieved when positive changes are made for customers and the organization.
Clever Platform
Clever Platform IT/Truyền thông
As one of the Middle East's leading Smart Solution Providers, we collaborate closely with our customers to implement Smart City solutions that improve citizens' quality of life, create opportunities to monetize the power of city data, and boost economic growth.