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Luxe Taste & Style Publishing sarl
Luxe Taste & Style Publishing sarl Công khai tài khoản quản trị
LUXE TASTE & STYLE PUBLISHING was founded by Bibi Wintersdorf in 2014. Inspired by the success of her bestelling and award winning publications Luxembourg in the 50ies, 60ies, 70ies and 80ies and her cookbook KACHEN, she believed that it was time for Luxembourg’s very own magazine about local food and lifestyle. The first issue of KACHEN, Luxembourg’s only food and lifestyle publication, was issued in November 2014.

Readers and professionals alike have supported KACHEN since the beginning and today it is still Luxembourg’s only food and lifestyle magazine and the go-to publication for everything related to food, local producers, lifestyle, taste and design. Initially published only in German, an English version was added in 2017 and in 2018 a French edition completed the set, serving the multilingual Luxembourgish market.

REESEN is the second publication created by LUXE TASTE & STYLE PUBLISHING. Inspired by the success of the travel chapters that have been part of KACHEN since the beginning, this exclusive, dual- language travel magazine is published twice a year in German and French, targeting a large audience in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

In 2016, the KACHEN team created the first BLOG AWARD for Luxembourg and its lively, ever evolving blogger scene. The award ceremony with over 200 guests took place in October 2017 and crowned 8 winners out of 45 finalists. The second edition of the KACHEN BLOG AWARD started in September 2019 and will culminate in the award ceremony in May 2020.

LUXE TASTE & STYLE PUBLISHING also creates on demand content for print and social media, provides professional food and lifestyle photography, curates all things printed, develops recipes and produces videos on demand for their own online presence and for customers.

Post Télécom
Post Télécom Công khai tài khoản quản trị
POST Luxembourg, formerly known as Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications, is a mail and telecommunications company based in Luxembourg. The company is a government-owned corporation that was corporatised in 1992. It also sells financial services and holds a monopoly on issuing postage stamps in the Grand Duchy.