Digital Efficiency: Arvizu Group and Odoo

Company Name: Arvizu Group

Location: Mexico

Industry: Kitchen Equipment Reseller

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, Marketing-Automation, Social-Marketing, and more...

Number of users: 5

Company size: 12

Hosting type: Odoo Online

Arvizu Group, a 100% Mexican company, positions itself as a leader in the conceptualization, design, and manufacturing of industrial kitchen equipment for the HORECA sector, encompassing hotels, restaurants, and industrial dining facilities, among others.

The expertise of Arvizu Group professionals is evident in the excellence of their tailor-made projects, which include kitchen, refrigeration, cooking, and oven equipment. The company has achieved CFSP certification (Certified Foodservice Professional) from the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM), solidifying its commitment to the highest standards in food service.

Encounter with Odoo: Process Optimization

Prior to adopting Odoo, Arvizu Group managed its operations manually. This, as you could imagine, led to a series of frustrating problems. These issues encouraged them to find a solution to centralize and streamline various processes. 

Edgar Carrera, a representative of the company, emphasized, "We needed a system to apply and use. Everything was done manually, and we were looking for something to centralize everything."

The search for an ERP system led Alejandro Hernández, a partner at Arvizu Group, to discover Odoo online. After evaluating several options, they chose Odoo for its overall intuitiveness. They admired how Odoo was both simple-to-use and complex in capabilities. They quickly realized Odoo was able to meet all their needs -- and then some.

Implementation and Experience with Odoo

Although the Odoo implementation process is still ongoing, Carrera highlights the satisfaction they have experienced thus far. The company has received consultations, and has effectively integrated various functions of the system. They are currently awaiting the implementation of the Accounting module, but they have already noticed significant improvements in their processes.

Edgar Carrera shares, "Now, we enter the information only once, including customer purchases through sales. Everything is resolved with just one click, and from there, it is sent to different departments, so each area can proceed with its process."

Benefits of Odoo for Arvizu Group

The work experience with Odoo has transformed the operational efficiency of Arvizu Group. Carrera summarizes his experience with Odoo as 'a more efficient way of working.' The elimination of redundancies and the streamlining of processes have resulted in increased internal productivity.

About Arvizu Group

Arvizu Group stands out as a Mexican company specializing in the personalized creation of industrial kitchen equipment. Their focus on excellence, supported by a team of professionals with expertise in conceptualization, design, and architecture, has solidified their position as a benchmark in the HORECA sector. With the implementation of Odoo, Arvizu Group continues to enhance its internal processes, aiming to provide even more efficient service to its clients.

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