Support tickets

Multi-channel support

Create tickets through email, live chat, and online forms.

Custom team configurations

Create teams to handle tickets based on workflow, customer, department, and more.

Automated Assignment

Assign tickets automatically based on team workload.

Custom pipeline stages

Customize workflows for each team with unique or shared stages.

Automated customer updates

Assign custom email and SMS templates to stages to update customers when their ticket moves to a new stage.


Help Center

Offer additional support to customers through eLearning courses, community forums and knowledge articles.

Live Chat support

Create a live chat channel specifically for a help desk team where agents can answer questions, assist with customer issues, and create tickets instantly from a chat window.

Chat Bot support

Design and enable a chat bot to answer simple questions, capture contact information, and create helpdesk tickets automatically without the assistance of a support agent.


Issue credit notes directly from a ticket.


Process returns on faulty or incorrect products from a customer ticket.

Field Service tasks

Plan onsite interventions through the Field Service application.

Coupon codes and discounts

Create codes for discounts or free products to send directly to customers from a ticket.

Repair orders

Send broken items for repair.

Track performance

SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Create and manage service level agreements based on customer, priority, team, or ticket type.

Track and Bill Time

Track the amount of time spent on tickets and create invoices for that time to bill customers directly.


Get a comprehensive view of the performance of teams and individual employees, as well as the success of SLAs.

Customer Ratings

Receive and track feedback from customers on individual tickets.