Time Off Types

Create and manage different types of leave.
Within each leave type, choose from a number of settings:


Determine what, if any, approval is needed for this type of request. Requests can require two levels of approval if necessary.


Time off can be taken in either days, half days, or hours.

Supporting Docs

Allow employees to upload documents in support of their time off request, such as a note from a doctor for sick time.

Display Options

Choose an icon and color to distinguish this time off type when it is displayed throughout the Time Off application.


Determine whether or not this type of time off will require allocation, and if employees will be able to request additional allocations.

Taking Time Off


The Overview menu allows you to view the Time Off for the rest of the company. In addition to searching by your team or department, you can see who has had their time off approved, who is waiting for approval, and who is off today.

Riadiaci panel

See an overview of your entire year as soon as you open the Time Off app. From the days you have already taken to the time you are waiting to have approved, you will know exactly where you stand.

Days Remaining Ribbon

Check out the top of the page to know the exact amount of time you have remaining available. The Days Remaining Ribbon is organized by time off type and lists out the amount of time left allocated to you, and the expiration date (if applicable). Click on the question mark icon to see the breakdown of time, between the days Allocated, Approved, Planned, and Left.

My Time Off

See an overview of all of the time off you have requested by clicking on My Time Off. This is where you can see all of the details of each request, and track the status to see if they have been approved.

Allocation Requests

Employees can request additional allocations, either under the My Allocations menu, or on their employee profile.

My Allocations

Your allocations are broken down by time off type, and listed out under My Allocations.

Managing Time Off

Public holidays

Configure holidays for your entire company. These will be displayed on every employee's dashboard.

Accrual Plans

Configure and assign Accrual Plans for employees based on their time with the company.

Stress Days

Designate specific days as Stress Days, where no employees will be able to request or schedule time off.