Rental Status

View a breakdown of rental orders, including pickup dates and times. Orders are tagged with “Quotation” or “Reserved” based on status. Products that are past pickup or drop off time are tagged with a warning.

Invoice Status

View a breakdown of rental orders based on what still needs to be invoiced to clients.

To Do Today

Once orders are confirmed with pickup and dropoff dates and times, tasks are added to the “To Do Today” list automatically.


Rental Periods

Customize various durations of time that products can be rented for.

Delay Costs

Set additional costs to automatically charge for late returns. These can be applied on an hourly or daily basis.

Unavailable Days

Block out specific days where products cannot be picked up or returned.

Minimum Rental Time

Set a minimum duration between pickup and return for all products.

Padded Time

Set a minimum amount of time between two orders where products cannot be rented.


Time-based Pricing

Set pricing for individual products based on different lengths of time. Pricelists can be utilized for individual time periods as well.

Security Time

Temporarily make a product unavailable for a specified amount of time before a scheduled pickup.

Extra Time fees

Apply fines for additional time a product is kept over the reserved time. Fines can be applied on an “Extra Hour” or “Extra Day” basis.


Rental Analysis

View and present data on confirmed orders and quotations. Use filters and measures to track the number of products picked up and dropped off, total number of products rented, and number of orders placed.


Odoo Inventory icon

Rental moves are saved in the history of your inventory.

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Odoo Subscriptions icon

Manage recurring invoices and payments for long term leases.

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Track customers claim from a contact form and take action in real-time.

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Field Service

Schedule and follow tasks to operate customer-side (e.g. repairs, assistance).

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Odoo Sales icon

Analyze rented items profitability by matching all their related cost and revenue.

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