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Knowledge BI

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Knowledge BI
18 Obour Buildings Salah Salem
11811 Cairo
Ai Cập
IT/Truyền thông

Software development company specialized in computing-based solutions.Knowledge BI delivers and deploys solutions that bring tangible investment to its clients by providing its customers and users with immersive interactive experiences.
Our objective is to help you increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability by giving you access to the most innovative IT products and services on the market at a realistic price point.

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In BioBusiness, we design, develop, manufacture and distribute medical and electronic products/solutions with focusing incorporating IoT technologies in these products/solutions. We have our own products and work also as an OEM/ODM supplier for several international reputable customers among them many multinational companies. We offer one stop service for contract manufacturing. Our company BioBusiness incorporated in 2009 in Cairo, Egypt by three Egyptian entrepreneurs. Our main R&D center is located in Cairo, Egypt and Our main production factory is located in Serdang, Malaysia. We are committed to deliver highest long-term investment results for investors.
Golden Horizon Medical
Golden Horizon Medical
GHM Est. was formed in 2015, by Dr. Wael Hassabou, a qualified pediatrician and a true visionary in the country’s medical industry.

We are a growing healthcare organization looking for a highly diversified portfolio of companies both in Pharma and Bio-Medical business categories.