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Dimlaj Industrial Group LLC
Dimlaj Industrial Group LLC Sản xuất
Founded in 1954 and expanding to serve a wide network of customers at both the regional and international levels across the GCC and MENA region by providing many options in home-ware, tableware, and households products, Dimlaj has become a well-known pillar in the hospitality, catering, and hotel industries.They have mastered the age-old heritage of enriching lifestyles and flaunting generosity through precious metals and ornate beauty with a team of elite craftsmen who utilize the best and guard their work with definite ratios and detailed measurements.
Sakkab Bros Co.
Sakkab Bros Co. Sản xuất
Established in 1964, the trading business was the incubator of the group. Sakkab Newport Trading, represents some of the most highly renowned global names in the fields of power tools, hand tools, machinery, personal protection, fasteners and construction chemicals. We provide superior added-value products and services and we are committed to focus on markets where we can achieve and sustain leadership positions.