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Hukum Online
Hukum Online Hành chính / Tiện ích
PT Justika Siar Publika or known as was founded by prominent law observers in the era of initial reform. It was initiated to provide education and enlightenment to the public about the world of law in Indonesia. Facing the disruption era, transformed into a reg-tech company that provides the most complete, integrated and reliable products and services using and utilizing technology. Until 2019, has more than 780 clients, which includes companies, renowned law firms and government agencies
PT. Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk
PT. Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk Hành chính / Tiện ích
PT. Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk. was founded in 1992 in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. It is an outsoucing firm specializing in storage and record management services that allows its clients to focus on their services instead of worrying about safe office space and related costs. Currently, it has 13 modern fling warehouses across the Indonesian archipelago.