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Gesellschaft für Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft GmbH
Gesellschaft für Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft GmbH Cung cấp Nước
Die Verwaltung öffentlicher Infrastruktur ist keine einfache Aufgabe. Daher wandte sich die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Wasser und Abfallwirtschaft an datenpol, um nun digital die Verwaltung ihrer Mitgliedschaften und Kanäle zukunftssicher zu machen. Selbst bei vielen detaillierten Anpassungen konnte datenpol den Go-Live Termin einhalten und das Projekt erfolgreich über die Bühne bringen.
Reclay UFH GmbH
Reclay UFH GmbH Cung cấp Nước
Reclay UFH GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are certified and provider of an official licensing system for Austrian waste management. They track and manage with Odoo all waste management related operations including the collection of waste, transporting, sorting and recovery all over Austria which includes the Inventory management over 550 warehouses and locations, about 750.000 weight notes and the invoice control of about 10.000 invoices related to these services provided by their partners a year. This was achieved by development of several modules using and supporting Sale, Purchase, Inventory Management and Accounting in order to minimize and optimize the costs of management and monitoring.
Reclay Österreich GmbH
Reclay Österreich GmbH Cung cấp Nước
Reclay Österreich GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are providing services for efficient and educated waste management in Austria and have several subsidaries in other European countries. They use Odoo to sell and provide licensing services and mangament of waste materials which is handled mainly by its partner company Reclay UFH. CRM, Sale, Purchase and Inventory mangement are the core modules used in combination with highly developed own modules to run their daily business.