Hidrostal Pumps

Hidrostal Pumps

Hidrostal is a multi-national producer and distributor of large industrial pumps and pump assemblies. Hidrostal has been using Odoo SaaS for a number of years, and switched to Steersman’s hosted solution to gain more personalized, faster support, and the ability to more thoroughly customize the software.

Business software needs:

• Manufacturing management across multiple work centers

• Order management: quoting, invoicing, customer update and note tracking


• Supply chain management – managing stock and non-stock items, automatically procuring items when needed

• Financial reporting, bookkeeping, analytics

• Special reporting and data organization

Implementation project components:

• Migration from Odoo SaaS to Odoo Enterprise to allow additional customizations and enable more flexibility/support

• Re-configuration of incompatible functions in SaaS and Enterprise systems to ensure process continuity - overhaul of manufacturing routes, data modifications to allow older transactions in pending status to finish

• Email configuration for deliverability (for automated system emails), web address setup

• Project management for the migration – migration coordination, testing, switchover support, post-migration support

• Accounting and sales process customizations to accommodate processes/reports expected for USA users

• Automatic label printing – connecting printers directly to cloud system (eliminating PDF creation step when necessary)

Steersman on-going services used:

• Business software hosting and maintenance

• On-going user training and support

• Accounting data and setup review, monitoring and consulting

• On-going customizations for continuous improvement of system