Flavorah, McKnight Standard LLC

Flavorah, McKnight Standard LLC

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Silverdale Technology LLC (36 tham khảo

Silverdale Technology LLC
3569 NW Lowell St
Silverdale, WA 98383
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360 330 4508

We were founded with an ethos rooted in personal health and wellness. This is a value we share with our commercial customers who are in the business of assisting people to quit long term addictions. Flavor concentrates are an empowering product that can help people overcome decades of repetitive, unhealthy habits. The secret to empowering this harm reduction is the infinite variety and unique satisfaction that people get from trying new flavors, which are preferable to the less healthy products that they are addicted to.

We are proud that many of our customers have enjoyed success in the United Kingdom, where many of our customers have been invited to distribute free samples in public hospitals. This long term campaign for harm reduction from the NHS has flourished because of good flavorings, and it is spreading around Europe, the commonwealth, and the rest of the world.