Bargain Arms Company

Bargain Arms Company

Bargain Arms is a licensed firearm dealer in the state of Illinois. They sell a large range of quality firearms and accessories, all with quick delivery and low prices. In addition to product sales, they verify firearm ownership eligibility for firearm sales and transfers.


Business software needs:

• Automated integration with multiple wholesale vendors - on-going cost and availability monitoring

• Automated two-way integration with multiple marketplaces - publish available products based on various rules, receive orders from marketplaces

• Price setting via formulas

• Firearm-specific data fields, and a process for firearm ownership eligibility verification and record keeping

• Order management: quoting, invoicing and note tracking

• Supply chain management – managing stock and non-stock items, automatically procuring items when needed

• Financial reporting and bookkeeping

• Sales reports allowing tagging, sorting, trend analysis



Implementation project components:

• Business review to determine software suitability

• Analysis of business processes and specific needs for industry

• Document setup (invoices, emails, etc)

• Custom vendor and marketplace integration modules

• Product and brand mapping for data structure and quality - elimination of duplicates, organization of products into categories, assigning attributes, automated product name formatting, continuous data synchronization

• System configuration – US chart of accounts, product setup, common expense product setup, accounting routing, warehouse routing

• Email configuration for deliverability (for automated system emails), web address setup

• User training


Steersman on-going services used:

• Business software maintenance and hosting

• On-going user training and support services