4Works Gloves & Gear

4Works Gloves & Gear

4Works distributes a range of high quality work gloves for personal use, to corporate customers, and to resellers. 4Works is a new company and needed to install a scalable business system with an integrated online store on a smaller budget, but ensuring that they can grow without requiring new ERP software for at least 5 years.

Business software needs:

  • Price list automation to cater to different customer types (personal use, B2B, resale)

  • CRM and easy-to-use order processing, quoting, invoicing

  • Accept credit cards and/or extend credit terms (Net) for approved customers

  • Ship with UPS and FedEx

  • Supply chain management – managing stock and non-stock items, automatically procuring items when needed

  • Simple online store managed from within

  • ERP Financial reporting and bookkeeping

  • Auto-generate documents and emails for various sales/purchasing process steps

Implementation project components:

  • Business review to determine software suitability

  • Analysis of processes done by 4Works, analysis of data that 4Works must organize

  • Basic Website layout (using standard templates only), document setup (invoices, emails, etc)

  • Third party service setup (payment processor account, shipping accounts, email service)

  • System configuration/customization – US chart of accounts, product setup, common expense product setup, accounting routing, warehouse routing, payment processing with automated order propagation

  • Product/component data upload and organization

  • Email configuration for deliverability (for automated system emails), web address setup

  • User training

Steersman on-going services used by 4Works:

  • Business software maintenance

  • Email maintenance

  • On-going user training and support services

  • Auxiliary bookkeeping service and accounting consulting

  • IT consulting – email, computers, network, etc