Optimizing medical supplies processes: from six solutions to two!

Company Name: Luksche GmbH

Location: Austria

Industry: Retail, Health & Sciences

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: Website, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Finance, POS, Rental

Hosting type:

Implementation Partner: SUPPLiot GmbH


Luksche GmbH is a leading Austria-based medical supplier with a history rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. What started as a small orthopedic shop nearly 75 years ago has grown into a country-wide medical supply group with branches in Vienna and Lower Austria. Today, Luksche specializes in medical supplies, health products, and therapeutic aids, providing customers with various health and wellness solutions.

Before transitioning to Odoo, Luksche GmbH primarily relied on stand-alone and industry-specific solutions, which hindered the management of core functions such as purchasing, warehousing, product management, marketing, and online presence. This implied a high level of maintenance. On top of that, the low user-friendliness, lack of flexibility, costly user training, and minimal customization of other solutions were causing roadblocks to adapt and optimize the company’s processes. In practice, the overall situation was causing difficulty in maintaining data accuracy and future-proofing.

Replacing six solutions into two

To address these challenges, Luksche sought help from partner SUPPLiot. The process began with an in-depth analysis phase to document, understand, and optimize all relevant business operations. With a clear target and requirements in mind, the following Odoo applications were implemented: Website/e-Commerce, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Finance, Rental, PoS (+ RKSV solution for Austria). 

In addition, SUPPLiot further customized Odoo to meet the specific needs of the medical field. For instance, enabling the retrieval of insurance data through Austria's e-card system, submitting tariff lists for medical aids and services, and billing with Austrian health insurance companies. To ease user adoption, training courses, and system testing further ensured the successful integration of Odoo into their operations. Ongoing support and optimization occurred in the initial three to six months post-go-live.

How Odoo helped overcome initial challenges

Luksche's transition to Odoo proved to be a game-changer. With its user-friendly interface, the all-in-one solution swiftly communicated its advantages to users. 

Odoo's cross-module and cross-process functionality added substantial value, particularly in managing stock levels. An example is the up-to-date product stock availability, seamlessly integrating with their web store. It nocks in-branch product stocks and creates order proposals when critical stock quantities are reached. Additionally, it streamlines interactions with multiple suppliers and manages the tariff lists of health insurance companies in the background.

Luksche experienced significant improvements across various aspects of its business following the implementation of Odoo. Some of the key enhancements included:

  • Reduction of employee training time from weeks to days on average.
  • A 7-minute decrease in average order processing time per order.
  • A 20% increase in product availability due to faster and readily available stock level information.

The transformation journey of Luksche GmbH showcases the power of Odoo in revolutionizing business operations in the medical industry. By addressing the challenges of a complex and fragmented system landscape, SUPPLiot and Odoo have helped Luksche streamline processes, reduce costs, and deliver enhanced services to their customers. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Odoo has empowered Luksche to focus on its core values of expertise, trust, and reliability, providing high-quality, personalized healthcare solutions for the Austrian community.

"We would recommend Odoo as an ERP system in combination with support from a local implementation partner. The main reasons for this are: increased efficiency, usability, cross-module and holistic functions, easy updates, and future viability." Luksche GmbH.​

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