Horeca Star Shines With Odoo

Company Name: Horeca Star 
Country: Egypt
Industry: Foodservice Distribution, ecommerce
Odoo Partner: Digizilla
Main Apps Implemented: Finance, Sales, Website, Inventory, HR, Marketing
Company Size: 100
Implementation Timeline: 2 Months
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Yasmine Hamdi

About Horeca Star

Founded in 2016, HORECA STAR is a foodservice distributor that provides supreme distribution services with a wide range of high quality food and hygiene products from worldwide trusted brands. They offer a rapid delivery service to their customers, which include hotels, restaurants, cafes and caterers. With 400+ SKUs and 7 warehouses that service more than 12 governorates nation-wide, the specialized team fulfills any customers’ requirements efficiently and effectively. is a complete online platform serving both B2B and B2C segments enabling them to order their food and hygiene supplies, track their purchases, and view their past transactions. 

iHORECA Blog is the unified hub for the foodservice community professionals to connect, share, interact, and discover the latest tips, trends, articles and exclusive interviews with experts in the food and beverage industry.

Challenges & Pain points

Being a company with technological and a strategic vision, the team needed a strong and an agile system to would help them overcome the following pain points:

> Lack of clear communication between functions
> Low accuracy in forecasting sales & stocks
> Use of too many multiple applications  
> No online presence & blog
> High time consumption
> Manual operations & data entry
> Weak business reports
> Difficulty managing on-ground stocks

Odoo Implementation

Implementing a single fully integrated system was vital for HORECA STAR in order to successfully meet all their business needs and requirements. Through this system they would be able to save time, increase productivity, create a concrete network between different departments and business functions, monitor and analyze business operations and leverage performance.

Working together with Digizilla, implementing Odoo had a powerful impact on the business and facilitated crucial collaboration across different departments. The full implementation took only 2 months

By using Odoo, the workflow is now clear with the elimination of unnecessary complexity and there is a 360 overview across all business functions and most importantly, a widened visibility over the on-ground warehouse operations. Odoo helped to efficiently track and forecast the on-ground stocks, monitor the sales orders and track customers’ online activity. This also led to a remarkable increase in the team’s overall performance and productivity. Odoo has significantly increased the customers’ satisfaction by providing a simplified and seamless online ordering process, and providing a complete overview on their history of dealings and transactions.

Odoo was able to support the rapid expansion of the business especially during the COVID-19 crisis, when the team replicated their existing up and running B2B business model to include B2C as well with complete flexibility and swiftness; this in terms, helped the brand to mitigate and control the effect of the crisis over the business as well as revenue channels.

What HORECA STAR values the most about Odoo is the ability to build a complete online platform and blog from scratch without the need of coding or technical skills, in addition to the system’s flexibility and user friendliness. The team also values the level of detail and variety of the exported reports from the system, the dashboards illustrating daily sales, the traceability of the customers’ orders and payments, the increased clarity and visibility over the business operations and the enhanced communications and collaboration between the different business functions.

The Outcome

Odoo has been part of HORECA’s journey since day one back in 2016 when  the  company  started and over the past years the team kept upgrading with Odoo, and seen a remarkable boost in the business performance and its operations. Now the team has more control over the business and increased the visibility over their sales operations and their warehouses. Some of the implementation outcomes include:

> More Workflow Clarity & 360 overview across functions
> Accurate Tracking & Forecasting Stocks
> Faster on-boarding process for new hires
> First HORECA online platform in the region & Blog
> Boosted our delivery speed
> Monitor Sales Orders & Customers Online Activity
> Support Rapid Expansion of our Business
> Increased Customer Satisfaction

A Unified System for all channels

Monitoring & Analysis

The main outcome that the team enjoyed was the remarkable reduction in the time and effort consumed in the manually conducted business processes and the elimination of the human errors that occurred before. Having a unified system allowed them to have more control over the business and increased the visibility over the sales operations and the warehouses. It also enabled the brand to expand its business online through, allowing it to continue growing during the pandemic. 



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