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Bio Pharma Health/Social Welfare
BIO PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of private label and branded nutritional supplements.
CR Equipements SA Health/Social Welfare
La société CR Equipements SA a été fondée en 1987 par Monsieur Jean-Daniel Broillet.

En 1992 CR Equipements a débuté les activités orthopédiques avec le CICR.
Cells +Tissuebank Austria GmbH Health/Social Welfare
Die C+TBA ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich der Entnahme, Aufbereitung und Bereitstellung allogener Gewebe humaner Herkunft zur medizinischen Versorgung von Patienten widmet.
Laboratoire National de Santé Health/Social Welfare
Le Laboratoire National de Santé est un établissement public qui fonctionne sous la tutelle du Ministère de la Santé à Luxembourg. Réparti sur trois sites distincts, ses missions sont liées au diagnostic, à la surveillance, à la prévention des maladies humaines. Il exerce des fonctions de laboratoire national de référence dans plusieurs domaines et ainsi que des missions d'expertise en matière de santé publique.
L’évolution de ses activités est allée de pair avec l’évolution du potentiel humain qui comptait 41 personnes en 1967 pour atteindre 200 emplois à temps plein à l’heure actuelle.
Le LNS s’est équipé d’Odoo pour couvrir dans un premier temps la gestion complète de ses achats ainsi que de sa comptabilité.
Medspray b.v. Health/Social Welfare
We have invented spray nozzles to design new devices. We hold various patents on specific aspects of our proprietary spray technology and manufacturing thereof. Our technology is made effective in your products and you licence in our technology, which is agreed as a full package deal; new product programs (also) need agreements on research and concept work, device and clinical development work, manufacturing validation and scale-up, clinical and regular supply, regulatory approvals and quality control. So once we’ve agreed on deal structure, we set milestones and commit to timelines. And off we go!
MyCartis NV Health/Social Welfare
MyCartis is convinced that our healthcare system needs radical change and that the future lies in personalization. Our ultimate goal is to identify the right therapy for the right patient at the right time and location with the right dose.
Smart Medical Services Health/Social Welfare
SMART Medical Network includes the largest medical providers in Egypt, which provide the best medical services for our clients
• We provide innovative solutions compatible with the unique requirements of each company. This is achieved through different programs to suit the special needs of each customer; our programs include both Managed Care Programs and Third Party Administration (TPA).
• We care about uninsured members, so we present SEHATY card, which serves all uninsured members by offering discounts in all service providers and also assists in the process of reservation in private clinics with the help of a Medical Information platform for up-to-date topics.
• In the Industrial field, we have our Occupational Health Program which ensures the safety of the workers and the working environment.