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 Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic
Dr. Amina Al Amrir’s Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Industry: Healthcare

Services: Dermatology & Aesthetic dermatology

Before implementing Odoo, Dr. Amina Al Amiri’s Clinic faced a number of challenges that hindered their ability to provide quality care to the patients. The clinic’s manual processes, such as appointment scheduling, patient management, and billing, were time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, patient information was stored in multiple systems, making it difficult for healthcare professionals to access and manage information efficiently. The clinic also struggled to provide a seamless and streamlined experience for patients, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. Finally, the clinic lacked visibility into clinic operations and patient trends, making it difficult to make informed decisions.

However, after we implemented Odoo, the clinic has seen a significant improvement in their operations. Automated processes have reduced manual errors and increased efficiency, allowing the clinic to focus on providing quality care to patients. Patient information is now stored in a centralized database, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and manage information. The user-friendly interface of Odoo has improved the patient experience, making it easier for patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with the clinic. The clinic now has access to valuable insights and analytics, helping them to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations. By streamlining operations and reducing manual errors, we helped the clinic to save time and resources, allowing them to focus on providing quality care to patients.
"CIELO ETERNO" Gezondheid/Sociaal
La muerte un ser amado es uno de los momentos más dolorosos en la vida, es por ello que en Cielo Eterno brindamos apoyo psicológico para sanar el duelo, te acompañamos a despedir y recordar con amor.
2A MEDICAL, Abdelhay Aloui
2A MEDICAL, Abdelhay Aloui Gezondheid/Sociaal
Spécialisée dans l'importation et la distribution de produits chimiques, matériels médicales , consommables de laboratoire.
3-D Matrix Europe SAS
3-D Matrix Europe SAS Gezondheid/Sociaal
Médical | Odoo v12
Principales Odoo Apps : Facturation, Inventaire, CRM, Achats, Ventes

Spin-off du MIT, l'une des universités américaines les plus renommées, le Groupe 3D-Matrix développe et fabrique des biomatériaux innovants avec de nombreuses applications dans le domaine médical.
3MD Pharma Co
3MD Pharma Co Gezondheid/Sociaal
Al Karma International Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and laser medications and technologies in the world.

With the fast growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.
7 Leaf Clover
7 Leaf Clover Gezondheid/Sociaal
Find the best CBD Hemp product online and in-store in New York Brooklyn. Organic hemp sourced across the US and the EU deliver to your door in no time.
9solutions Oy
9solutions Oy Gezondheid/Sociaal
9Solutions on oululainen paikantavien turva- ja viestintäjärjestelmien sekä älykkäiden hoivaratkaisujen toimittaja. Yrityksen päämääränä on olla merkittävässä roolissa terveydenhuollon kustannusten hillitsemisessä vapauttamalla älykkäillä ohjelmistoilla aikaa hoitotyöhön sekä Suomessa että kansainvälisesti. 9Solutions-ratkaisua käyttää lähes 2000 terveydenhuollon organisaatiota sairaaloissa, palvelutaloissa ja kotihoidossa sekä Suomessa että Ruotsissa. 9Solutions etsi verkkokaupparatkaisua, joka auttaisi heitä selkeyttämään ja tehostamaan järjestelmiin liittyvien komponenttien myyntiä. SprintIT toimitti heille jälleenmyyjäkohtaisesti konfiguroitavissa olevan Odoon verkkokaupparatkaisun sekä CRM-järjestelmän. Lue lisää: 9solutions.com

9Solutions is the leading provider of indoor location-based safety, communications and smart care solutions. They sell and install patient security systems for hospitals, assisted living and home care. 9Solutions was looking for an e-commerce solution that would help them clarify and improve the sales of system-related components. SprintIT delivered them the Odoo e-commerce solution and a CRM system that can be configured for each retailer. Read more: 9solutions.com
A1 Pharmcy
A1 Pharmcy Gezondheid/Sociaal
A1 pharmacy is a chain of pharmacies in A’Ali , Salman City, Bilad Qadeem. It has retail, whole sale and distribution sections as well as logistic and inventory divisions.
AARDEX Group SA Gezondheid/Sociaal
Société: AARDEX

SECTEUR D'ACTIVITE: Santé/Social Pharmaceutical

DESCRIPTION: Aardex is the world market leader in measuring and managing medication adherence. Managing patient compliance can make the difference between failed and successful clinical trials.We speed up your drug development for pharmaceutical or biotech companies, for university or research centre and for healthcare companies.

ADAPEI DE LA LOIRE Gezondheid/Sociaal
Présentation de l’association :
L’Adapei de la Loire est une association de parents et d’amis de personnes en situation de handicap.
L’Adapei de la Loire a été créée en 1957 et reconnue d’utilité publique par décret du 18 juin 1964. L’association accueille et accompagne des enfants et adultes dont le handicap mental résulte d’une déficience intellectuelle moyenne à sévère. Depuis plusieurs années, l’association a élargi son champ d’intervention à l’autisme et au handicap psychique.
ADLER Instrumentos, S.L.
ADLER Instrumentos, S.L. Gezondheid/Sociaal
Adler Instrumentos es una empresa dedicada al asesoramiento y suministro de instrumentación electrónica de medida y ensayos para instalaciones industriales y laboratorios.

Fue fundada en 1995 por profesionales con una dilatada experiencia en el campo de la instrumentación electrónica procedente de distintas empresas del sector.

Actualmente cuenta con oficinas en Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastián y Sevilla dando cobertura y atención a todas las necesidades que surjan en cualquier lugar de todo el territorio nacional.
ALGEMICA BARCELONA, S.L. Gezondheid/Sociaal
empresa de productos y servicios dedicados al tratamiento y promoción de la salud desde una perspectiva integrativa, es decir, desde una visión global y simultánea del eje neuro-emocional, estructural y fisioestético.
ALIMA Gezondheid/Sociaal
ONG humanitaire médicale internationale. Mise en place des modules Comptabilité, Projet, Feuilles de temps, CRM donateurs & Espace donateurs, CRM reporting bailleurs, Supply, Gestion de laboratoires.
ANDERSEN, S.A. Gezondheid/Sociaal
Su historia comienza hace más de 45 años, en 1974, y desde entonces se han dedicado a aportar soluciones integrales para la salud y bienestar animal, con productos nutricionales, materias primas especiales, ingredientes y aditivos para la nutrición animal.
ASAS LLC Gezondheid/Sociaal
ASAS is a medical TPA (Third Party Administrator) company.
It operates in Libya.
* ASAS specializes in providing TPA services to insurance companies and corporate clients.
* ASAS Libya provides medical claims management and administrative services for health insurance schemes in Libya.
* The company offers services such as pre-authorization of medical treatments, claims processing, and medical audits.
* ASAS has a network of healthcare providers to ensure policyholders have access to quality medical care.
* The company leverages technology to streamline its operations and improve the efficiency of its services.
* ASAS plays a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem by facilitating the processing of health insurance claims and ensuring timely access to medical care.
ASCO® Group
ASCO® Group Gezondheid/Sociaal
Advanced Scientific Company (ASCO) provides instruments, consumables, kits, reagents, training, support, and maintenance. We represent companies like Promega, Cepheid, Sacace, Roche Diagnostics. ASCO has accomplished many medical projects through the past years, the long term strategy of the company is to provide a self contained and sustained medical projects, Although the scope of each project has varied, one common attribute has made ASCO team the best in the business, namely superior quality and proficiency in execution.
ASELIA Pharma Gezondheid/Sociaal
Aselia is a skincare brand powered by active natural ingredients .They are pioneered clean clinical skincare with naturally effective.
ATP Supply Sàrl
ATP Supply Sàrl Gezondheid/Sociaal
ATP Supply have been established to help providers of mobility device services to overcome their challenges in accessing quality products, which will allow them to provide appropriate services to their clients. ATP Supply works like a one-stop shop where mobility device service providers have access to a large scope of appropriate and quality products, at different level of sophistication and price, allowing them to choose the appropriate solution for the needs of their clients.