Campaign Management

Customizable Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with all your SMS mailings with a variety of data-rich dashboard view options.

Schedule SMSs

Quickly schedule a date/time for any text message, and Odoo will send them at that precise time.

Import/Export Contacts

Easily import external contacts directly into the Odoo SMS Marketing application from any CSV or Excel document to seamlessly transition from any previous platform. Export contact lists at any time with a single click.

Mailing Lists

Organize all your subscribers by adding them to one (or multiple) mailing lists, making future campaigns more efficient and easier to execute.

Eliminate Duplicates

Odoo SMS Marketing instantly cancels any duplicate text messages, ensuring that a single message is sent to the appropriate address.

Simple Campaign Tests

Send yourself (or selected numbers) a sample campaign to double-check for accuracy and avoid errors, before sending it to the masses.

A/B Testing

Test out different versions of the same message on a fraction of your recipients to see which message will provide the most desirable results.

Opt-Out Links

Provide an 'Opt-Out' link in any SMS, allowing recipients to unsubscribe a mailing list with a single click.

Blacklist Capability

Recipients of an SMS campaign have the ability to unsubscribe themselves from all future messages.

SMS Functionality

Odoo Credits

Send SMS communications with affordable Odoo Credits that can be acquired via in-app purchases to help you control your budget better than ever before.

Send Texts From Contact Forms

In the Odoo Contacts app, you can quickly send an SMS to any recipient directly from their contact form.

Character/SMS Counter

Beneath the SMS content, Odoo provides a simple counter letting users know how many characters and total text messages will be used to send any particular message.

Customizable Recipient Filter

Target any audience, or any size or demographic, with the help of Odoo's in-depth recipient filters.

Favorite Filter

After creating a recipient filter, users can save them as a 'Favorite Filter' to reuse for future campaigns.

Valuable Analytics

Link Tracker

Analyze statistics and keep track of all URLs used in text messages sent with Odoo SMS Marketing.


View real-time statistics related to SMS performance in a number of different areas, like click rate, delivery rate, bounce rate, and so much more.

Metric View Options

Examine any SMS metric in a number of different graphs, lists, and charts, providing even more insight and detail into your campaign reporting.

Measure Revenues

Quickly follow opportunities generated from SMS campaigns in the Odoo CRM application, and easily analyze the conversion rate, expected revenue, and generated revenue related to each campaign.