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Kişileri içe aktarın

Import your contacts to Odoo from any CSV or Excel document.

Create contact lists

Segment your subscribers by adding them to one or several contact lists. You can also select the contacts in your database and target your customers and leads as your campaigns’ recipients.


Schedule a time and date for your campaign and let Odoo send messages automatically at the right time.

Campaign testing

Send yourself a test SMS before launching it to your whole contact list.


The recipients of a contact list can unsubscribe from the list with a link included in the messages.


The recipients of a campaign that targeted an Odoo database’s contacts can unsubscribe from all SMSs with a link included in the messages.

Kısmi test edin

Send your SMS Marketing campaign to a fraction of your contact list.

Send SMSs

Send SMSs to your contacts

A new action button is added to your Contacts app. With it, you can select multiple contacts and send an SMS to all of them.

Buy credits for SMS in-app

The SMSs you send are paid with credits that you can buy directly from the app.

İçgörü edinin

Undelivered SMSs

Track last undelivered SMSs and get notified why they failed.


Get real-time statistics on SMS performance: delivery rate, click rate, bounce rate.

Link izleyici

Share the links you want to track by creating a short link that includes analytics trackers and get a complete view of the links’ performances on a dedicated dashboard.

Gelirlerinizi ölçün

Fırsatları Odoo CRM üzerinden takip edin ve geri dönüş oranını, beklenen geliri, her bir kampanya için elde edilen geliri analiz edin. Derinlemesine analiz için filtreleri kullanın.