ScaleUp Business Game

学习 同时玩得开心!

Did you ever dream of starting your own business? Or wondered what you needed to know? With Odoo Scale-Up! you will learn all of that through 7 different business cases.

You’ll start by setting up the processes of a simple retail business. Then grow by deploying a manufacturing line, tracking services, launching an eCommerce and more!

With this game you will:

  • 了解 如何从头开始创建和扩展业务

  • Jump between your cards and your connected device for an interactive experience

  • 在免费的Odoo Online数据库上配置 您的解决方案

  • Get 60 beautiful and easy-to-understand cards

  • Play with 7 different business cases

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The game has 7 business cases of 8 to 10 cards each.
Start with the game “Buy and Sell”, then continue playing according to your own strategy.
For each card, follow these 3 steps:

1. 阅读前面的商业案例。

2. 线上玩 并创建您的解决方案。

3. 比较 你的解决方案

ScaleUp Business Game