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Smart Way Business Solutions
Shafa Badran Street
Ali Sallam Trading Complex, Floor 4 - Office 401
11953 Amman
+962 6 523 1318
IT / komunikácia

Smart Way Business Solutions

Smart Way Business Solutions has established its operations in Amman - Jordan since 2012 to provide software and accounting services to the private sector in the MENA region.

With 120+ successful Odoo implementations in different countries, our team has gained extensive experience which can be relied on to perform mission-critical tasks and projects.

Our Mission
To provide affordable yet enterprise-grade open-source business solutions to SMEs.

Our Vision
Empower & equip organizations with the right tools to unleash their growth potential.


Acadia For Medical & Office Supplies
Founded in 2022, Acadia is a growing SME specialized and working in the trade of durable medical equipment, office supplies, and logistic & construction materials in Amman - Jordan.
Al Karmel
Al Karmel Company for the Development and Manufacture of Detergents, Disinfectants, and Cosmetics stands as a premier entity in its field, distinguished by its comprehensive array of offerings. From soap and shampoo to personal care products, household and institutional cleaners, industrial polishes and waxes, sanitizers, and cosmetics.
Al Karmel Company epitomizes excellence and innovation. Committed to the highest standards of quality, Al Karmel continually strives to exceed customer expectations and set new benchmarks for success in the industry.
Al Kindi Drug Store
Al Kindi Drug Store: Al-Kindi drug store is a local pharmaceutical store in Jordan, established in 1996 and is the local agent of IBSA pharmaceutical institute located in Switzerland Pella pharmaceuticals products.
Their products are mainly classified into two categories hormone and non-hormones; distributed all over the country.
Established in 1976, Entisar Food supplies (ETE) is one of the first food and household supplies companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
fulfilling clients' needs for quality products for the past 40 years through partnering with select suppliers across the globe.
Delivering a high level of service is Al Entisar’s core value which has enabled them to maintain and grow their business with their clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.'
AlHafez Group for Investment & Trade
Al-Hafez name has been synonymous with high quality home appliances for decades. With over 50 years of experience in the market in Jordan under their premium brand name National Electric which specializes in the manufacture of home appliances including refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and liquid.
AlHafez Trade & Industry Co الحافظ للصناعة و التجاره
AlHafez Trade & Industry Co has long been recognized as a leading player in the home appliances market, particularly in Jordan, where they operate under the esteemed brand name National Electric. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, the company has garnered extensive experience in manufacturing a wide array of high-quality home appliances. Under the National Electric brand, they specialize in producing refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and liquid-related products.

The comprehensive range of offerings, from refrigeration to laundry and kitchen appliances, indicates a holistic approach to addressing various aspects of modern living. This diversity positions Al-Hafez as a versatile player in the home appliances industry, catering to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences and requirements.
Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Ahmad
Beekeepers cooperative association was running multiple divisions with various tools and software that were not linked, limiting growth and scalability. The association needed a complete system that could manage divisions, including Production and Laboratory, and provide broad visibility into their operations and planning. Beekeepers Cooperative Association contacted Smart Way Business Solutions to assist with the evaluation of the current situation and planning a system design that met their complex needs.

In collaboration with Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Smart Way Business Solutions quickly identified the criteria for success, determined schedule and cost requirements and prototyped a new system. The result: Beekeepers Cooperative Association was delivered a plan that was carefully crafted to meet their goals as a growing local association
Binayati Housing
Founded in 2011, Binayati Housing is a full-service development and property management company whose primary purpose is to facilitate the evolution of new quality housing throughout Jordan.
Their property supervisors provide exceptional management of their housing units and all details related to them. They always strive to help their respective buyers & residents achieve individual & family goals to foster communal pride and harmony with housing units of optimum quality.
Founded in 2020, Business Chat is a company that seeks to transform the traditional forked management of their customers' sales cycle by converting Whatsapp into becoming a fully integrated sales channel for direct communication, marketing campaigns, chatbot automated replies, multiple sales agents' windows and even adding a customer service department; all unified and encompassed under one phone number!
They have proudly worked and changed the perception of sales channeling in the MENA region in more than 100 companies so far and are still on the move striving for more.
Cirrusgo is a trusted provider of custom-designed, cloud-based IT solutions and a recognized member of Amazon's AWS Partner Network (APN). With a proven track record of delivering high-quality IT services while adhering to Amazon’s requirements for technical proficiency, their experienced cloud architects collaborate with businesses to design and implement tailored cloud infrastructure solutions that meet every client's specific needs. From setting up new cloud-based systems to migrating existing ones to AWS, Cirrusgo also provides ongoing maintenance and support for optimized performance and cost savings.
Dimlaj Industrial Group LLC
Founded in 1954 and expanding to serve a wide network of customers at both the regional and international levels across the GCC and MENA region by providing many options in home-ware, tableware, and households products, Dimlaj has become a well-known pillar in the hospitality, catering, and hotel industries.They have mastered the age-old heritage of enriching lifestyles and flaunting generosity through precious metals and ornate beauty with a team of elite craftsmen who utilize the best and guard their work with definite ratios and detailed measurements.
Elite Group for Medical Equipment and Investment
Elite Group For Medical Equipment and Investments was established in 1998 as an independent entity specializing in the medical equipment field and they emerged from Herman Smith Associates International (HSAI) bringing together the reputation & commitment of a large size international company with the flexibility of a medium size local company.

Elite Group offers specialized, high-quality, and cost-effective services to the healthcare community in several fields by partnering with highly reputable international equipment manufacturers.

Elite Group has successfully achieved customer satisfaction with the help of its team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. This team has been instrumental in assisting the company in achieving its mission of becoming the elite medical and health solutions provider in Jordan.
Emirates Dimlaj Trading LLC
Founded in 1954, Dimlaj has established itself as a cornerstone in the trading industry, serving an extensive network of customers regionally and internationally across the GCC and MENA regions. Specializing in home-ware, tableware, and household products, Dimlaj has become a well-known name in the hospitality, catering, and hotel sectors.

Mastering the art of enriching lifestyles and showcasing opulence, Dimlaj employs a team of elite craftsmen. These skilled artisans use the finest materials, adhering to precise ratios and detailed measurements, ensuring the highest standards in their trading endeavors. With a legacy built on quality and precision, Dimlaj stands as a trusted entity in the trading landscape.
Enjez Holdings
Enjez Holdings stands out as a trusted partner in the realm of IT outsourcing. With a wealth of experience, they grasp the challenges faced by businesses across various sizes and industries. Their success is intrinsically tied to client success, fostering an empowering partnership that allows businesses to concentrate on growth. Enjez Holdings' mission is to fulfill business technical needs as they evolve, with optimally structured committed tech-teams.
ENJEZ - your reliable ally in the field of IT outsourcing services.
Entrepots Alisar Pharma Corp. sal, Lebanon
APC is a local pharmaceutical store in Lebanon and is the local agent of IBSA pharmaceutical institute located in Switzerland Pella pharmaceuticals products.
Their products are mainly classified into two categories hormone and non-hormones; distributed all over the country.
Fly by Fly
Established in 2001, Fly by Fly is dedicated to the creation of a diversity of top-quality and impeccably designed products. Their team comprises seasoned production experts, stylists, and leading technicians who utilize cutting-edge manufacturing devices to ensure high product quality and international standards adherence.

Within their extensive inventory, a variety of products awaits, allowing individuals to curate & design the perfect room. Their vast collections include bedding, nests, crib mobiles, activity playmates, small armchairs, and swings.

Fly by Fly also offers an exquisite range of clothing, soft toys, and developmental products, ensuring every aspect of a baby's world is adorned with comfort and charm.
Global Talents
Global Talents is a newly arrived presence in the AI market, fueled by a heartfelt dedication to its goals. It is a non-profit organization with a passion for spreading AI education and knowledge across the Arab world in an easy-to-understand way.
They delve into eight fascinating areas, including Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, VR, AR,..etc., to ensure AI education reaches all corners.
Their goal is to make AI education understandable and interesting. They're like your friendly guide to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Arab world.
Global Talents offers user-friendly AI courses that you can explore from anywhere. This means you can learn at your own pace while benefiting from their expertise. They strongly believe that anyone, no matter where they come from, should have the chance to enjoy the benefits of this amazing technology.
Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons Co.
In 1951, Haj Mahmoud Habibah established his company in Amman by opening a small and simple shop in the center of Amman City. Over several decades, Haj Habibah Konafeh and Confectioneries have become one of the most prominent features of the Jordanian Capital Amman; thereby enhancing the experience of its visitors while maintaining qualities of leadership and excellence in the sweet industry.
The outcome of earnest work & perseverance exerted by Haj Mahmoud Habibah & Sons yielded 8 branches, a factory, and a Major Complex in Dabouq Area. The grandchildren continued to uphold the banner in order to upgrade the Confectioneries Industry of all types and forms while retaining the original taste and distinguished flavor.
I Learn, A NasJO for Training Initiative
'I Learn' is a non-profit initiative that employs a community-based approach to empower youth and children in disenfranchised communities. Through informal education, youth volunteerism, and partnerships they seek to establish safe spaces in rural areas of Jordan that encourage innovation, intellectual growth, and critical thinking.

'I Learn' believes that a long-term strategy for community development is best found in the community itself. By initiating local young volunteers into their framework, they are able to establish themselves in disenfranchised communities and reach out to local educators and role models. In turn, the local network of leaders is trained in their methodology of informal education and psycho-social support for children in particular.
Inches Real Estate
When engaging with Inches Real Estate, you're not simply making a transaction; you're embarking on a transformative journey toward realizing your dreams. Since its establishment in 2017, Inches Real Estate has made a lasting impact on the industry, known for its deep market insight, steadfast commitment to real estate, transparent processes, and holistic approach to exceeding client expectations.

At the heart of Inches Real Estate's success lie three fundamental pillars: offering luxury properties to discerning clients, fostering lasting relationships founded on trust and transparent communication, and a team of seasoned professionals committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism.
Founded in 2006, INGOT Brokers is a premium multi-asset brokerage firm aimed at making financial markets easily available and accessible to traders of all kinds. With professionalism and transparency as their driving forces, INGOT Brokers has fostered and sustained a world-class trading environment with the highest quality of online financial services.
Ingot welcomes their traders with award-winning platforms, excellent trading conditions, great liquidity, and accessibility to financial markets, consequently delivering a unique trading experience. Their teams go the extra mile to provide clients with the technology, resources, and support they need, regardless of their experience level.
Kamal Abbassi & Sons Co. (JETEE)
An ISO 9001 certified leading company for life safety and high technology systems, established in Amman – Jordan in 1981.
With almost 30 years of impressive experience; their vision, goals, and policies are ever-growing with the aim of providing the best & latest safety & security systems to the Jordanian market which are professionally delivered by a highly qualified team to supply, install and maintain these systems.
They have expanded their services to the growing number of clients to meet their demands through excellent combination packages of competitive prices, high technology, quality products, follow-up, and service.
King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC)
Established in 2009, the world-class King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) is a state-of-the-art training facility in Amman, that combines cutting-edge training and support structures, highly qualified subject matter experts and support staff, and integrated advanced technology.
This one-of-a-kind center has been providing up-to-date training in counter-terrorism, special operations, and irregular warfare tactics, techniques, and procedures and it offers tailored training courses that cater to both military and civilian needs, as well as training support for clients from around the world according to their own training program needs.
Oasis of Creativity Booksellers
Legenda Bookstore is dedicated to providing you with a variety of books of your choice to ensure excellent customer experience and a lovely journey into a universe of selections. Legenda is here to serve as your ultimate pathway to a whole new world of your preference.

Legenda has been recently established in Amman - Jordan with a mission to offer its local community a variety of fiction and non-fiction books for all age groups at the best price.
Oasis of Creativity for Educational Solutions
Legenda Bookstore is dedicated to providing you with a variety of books of your choice to ensure excellent customer experience and a lovely journey into a universe of selections. Legenda is here to serve as your ultimate pathway to a whole new world of your preference.

Legenda has been recently established in Amman - Jordan with a mission to offer its local community a variety of fiction and non-fiction books for all age groups at the best price.
Orient Heavy Haulage
Orient Heavy Haulage was established in 2009. The company is fully owned by the Sons of Salim Naber. The family has been in the heavy haulage business in Jordan since 1975 (former company names Heavy Haulage Co. and Orient Transport Co.).

Orient Heavy Haulage operates a wide variety of heavy transport, lifting & installation equipment used to provide solutions to challenges faced by many industries. We combine this with our knowledge, experience and technical expertise to help our clients achieve their goals maintaining our high standards of quality and safety.

Orient Heavy Haulage is the local market leader in engineered transport and installation services and has carried out projects in regional countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Orient Heavy Haulage is part of Orient Logistics, which offers complete logistics solutions. Orient Logistics has its own customs clearance brokers located at all terminals and border crossings with experience in handling project cargo. Orient Logistics also provides freight forwarding and other related services, which allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their projects.
Orient Heavy Haulage, Orient Logistics
Orient Heavy Haulage was established in 2009 by the Sons of Salim Naber, a family whose expertise in the heavy haulage business goes back to 1975. They are a local market leader in engineered transport & installation services and have carried out projects in regional countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Orient Heavy Haulage operates a wide variety of heavy transport, lifting & installation equipment used to provide solutions to challenges faced by many industries. They combine this with their knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to help their clients achieve their goals while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.
Princess Taghreed Institute for Development and Training
The Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training (PTI) was founded in 2010 to empower and enhance the quality of life for orphaned and abandoned girls above 18. They aim to cultivate responsible, industrious, and open-minded individuals, regardless of their background or past experiences.
As a specialized, productive, and nontraditional institute, PTI strives to produce ethical, high-quality traditional items, contributing to its mission.
Qabalan Bakery
Established in 1995 as a family-run enterprise, Qabalan Food Industry ventured into the food industry with a mission to introduce a positive change in the market by offering high-quality bread and delectable pastries at affordable prices.

Their journey led to an expansion of their product range to encompass a diversity of over 500 premium items, including desserts, bread, and nutrition-rich products. This culinary diversification has been made possible through strategic investments in state-of-the-art automated production lines and a team of highly skilled bakers, each a specialist in the realm of baked goods.

Despite its remarkable growth, Qabalan Bakeries remains unwavering in its commitment to its founding principles of artisanal craftsmanship. Today, they proudly stand as one of the region's largest and most esteemed bakeries, dedicated to delivering top-tier products at accessible prices.
Radic Real Estate Development
Radic Real Estate is redefining the standard in the real estate industry. Their commitment to ethical practices, innovative approaches, and personalized services sets them apart. Boasting a diverse portfolio, Radic offers an array of options, whether you're seeking a luxurious apartment or premium commercial space. Their skilled team ensures transparent transactions and provides expert advice, while their unique marketing strategies reach a global audience. The company's strategic vision aims to create exceptional experiences that enhance people's quality of life through luxury hospitality, residences, and workspaces. Rooted in a commitment to values such as quality and transparency, Radic Real Estate sees its projects as a genuine embodiment of these principles, delivering a message of responsible and professional mastery to the world.
Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya
Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth voluntary work and grassroots organizing. They are very much involved in community support with a huge impact spanning around the countries of Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.
Ruwwad as the brainchild of Mr. Fadi Ghandour, operates through a strong network of partnerships with civil society and governmental agencies with committed and experienced entrepreneurs as their financial backers.
Sea Stars
Sea Stars, the recently established Disney wholesale distributor in Amman, is set on revolutionizing the distribution landscape! 
This wholesale venture aims to bring the enchantment of Disney to businesses throughout the city, providing a comprehensive range of merchandise. Whether it's plush toys, classic Disney apparel, or other magical items, Sea Stars caters to a diverse array of clients, including retailers and businesses catering to families and Disney enthusiasts.
Conveniently located in the heart of Amman, these wholesalers strive to create a hub where businesses can effortlessly access and connect with the timeless charm of Disney characters and stories. 
Sea Stars invites businesses to embark on a journey through the enchanting realms of Disney, making wholesale transactions a magical and seamless experience.
Smart Way Business Solutions
Smart Way Business Solutions has established its operations in Amman - Jordan since 2012 to provide software and accounting services to the private sector in the MENA region.
With 120+ successful Odoo implementations in different countries, our team has gained extensive experience which can be relied on to perform mission-critical tasks and projects.
Tabo Housing Company
Tabo Housing Company is a dynamic startup reshaping Jordan's housing sector. Their full-service approach ensures top-notch development and management of high-quality housing units. With dedicated property supervisors, they prioritize client satisfaction and community pride through superior housing solutions.
The Cake Shop
The "Cake Shop" is a popular Jordanian brand that started as a small family business in 2010. They aim to provide a variety of delicious high-quality Eastern & Western sweets & food to satisfy people with good taste and to serve their customers on all occasions.
Initially, they decorated cakes at home and sold them directly to customers. As their popularity grew, they opened their first small shop in Abdoun, which became very well-known. Later, they opened a second branch in Dabouq, known as The Barbie House, because of its unique pink and flower decorations. They also expanded their services to include cafes and restaurants.
Due to their hard work and perseverance, they now have six branches and continue to expand to other areas in Jordan.
The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export L.L.C
Mr. Zakaria Al Hakeem, a hard working man whose passion for spreading popular culture lead him in 2017 to start up 'The Modern Time Machine for Import & Export,' an import and wholesale distributive company with the purpose of spreading officially licensed entertainment merchandise and Pop culture collectibles and currently located in Amman-Jordan.
Mr. Zakaria wants to share his passion and reach out to fans of popular culture from both genders between the ages of + 11 to + 35, or as he calls them, "the young and young at heart." He wishes to meet and connect with society's enthusiastic devotee's who are fervent about the perpetual and unceasing multimedia entertainment categories such as -according to him - but not limited to: Blockbusters, Sci-Fi, Marvel & DC Cinematics, Anime & Manga, Video Games, TV series, Comic Books...etc.
Time Center
Established in the early 1950s, Time Center stands as the enduring legacy of three generations of the Kayali family's passion & dedication. Originating as Nasouh Kayali Company in 1952, a modest store in downtown Amman, the business has transformed into Jordan's premier watch retailer.

Today, Time Center features over 30 international watch brands showcased in nine multi-brand boutiques strategically located throughout Jordan. The Time Center Group employs a comprehensive distribution strategy, encompassing a broad retail network, extensive wholesale operations, and a thriving corporate segment, which ensures consumers access to a diversity of brands at varying price points.

With the latest generation of the Kayali family actively contributing, Time Center continues to evolve, blending contemporary ideas with timeless values of ethics, excellence, and an unwavering passion for the art of fine watchmaking.
Total Care Facilities Management
Total Care, established over a decade ago, proudly holds ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 certifications, reflecting its unwavering commitment to excellence. From the very beginning, the guiding principle of the company has been simple yet profound: 'Your Facility...Our Responsibility.'
This guiding philosophy has been instrumental in fueling Total Care's growth, leading to the rapid expansion & evolution of its services to encompass comprehensive facilities management in both Amman and Dubai.
The company's dedication to core values and a systematic approach remains steadfast, consistently delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and fostering deep loyalty among its esteemed clientele.
Traklink is the leading telematics service provider in Jordan and a pioneer in
Vehicle and Asset Tracking and Fleet Management utilizing M2M, Data Analytics and various
applications of IoT. Established in 2005, Traklink’s focus is on providing quality and the latest
GPS-based customized solutions for its clients. Keeping in mind the growing demands of the
market and the flexibility in adopting cutting-edge technologies of this domain is our priority.
Traklink grew and expanded throughout the last decade to cope with the exceeding demands
and to further develop the market. We offer a diverse set of tailored solutions that cater to the
needs of our different clients no matter what they are. Our solutions serve various sectors in
both the private and public realm as well as NGO’s. We proudly serve more than 2000 clients
with over 22,000 devices installed. Continually introducing and updating our services and
technologies ensures that we remain leaders in what we do.
Established in 1995, University Book Centers Company (UBCC) in its first phase became Jordan's leading provider of academic books in the English Language. Our company serves the needs of dozens of universities, colleges and educational institutions throughout Jordan. Our customer base includes students, university professors, academics, professionals, librarians, booksellers as well as individuals with diverse interests. Later on UBCC expanded its efforts to work through all sorts of books. Now we are providing several schools and trade book retailers through building on our wide network of suppliers and well established services.
US Middle Eastern
US Middle Eastern is a recently established company specializing in the import and distribution of various products, primarily through Amazon and ecommerce platforms. Their core services revolve around importing and distributing two distinct categories of products: jewelry and packaging materials. With a focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional service, they strive to meet the diverse needs of their customers across multiple channels.
Waqtee.com, established in 2014, is recognized as the leading online watches store in Jordan. The organization is dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience, from the initial product exploration on their website to engaging with their social network pages. They prioritize assisting customers in choosing the perfect watch, addressing inquiries, and ensuring the highest standards of after-sales service that align with customer expectations.
WiConnect is a leading telecommunications system integrator that has been serving the industry since 2005. Trusted by Telecom Operators, Wireless and Satcom Service Providers, and other ICT entities like Governments and Banks, WiConnect operates in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, with Maintenance Centers across the kingdom.
Their comprehensive services cover the entire network life cycle, from planning and design to deployment and maintenance.
WiConnect's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a key player in the telecom sector, driving revenue growth and enhancing network performance for its valued customers.
شركة التغيير لأللبسة - Official L
At L-Official, They are all about empowering you to rock your fitness journey with confidence. Their meticulously designed garments are crafted with precision and care, ensuring quality and inclusivity for every body type and fitness level.

Under the visionary leadership of Madam Lama Odeh, They are constantly pushing boundaries to set new standards in the industry. In a sea of options, L-Official shines bright with a commitment to style, quality, and inclusivity. So go ahead, and conquer the gym and the streets with confidence and flair. They have got your back.