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Smart Way Business Solutions

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Smart Way Business Solutions
Shafa Badran Street
Ali Sallam Trading Complex, Floor 4 - Office 401
11953 Amman
962 6 523 1318

Smart Way Business Solutions has established its operations in Amman - Jordan since 2012 to provide software and accounting services to the private sector in the MENA region.

With 50+ successful Odoo  implementations in different countries, our team has gained extensive experience which can be relied on to perform mission critical tasks and projects

Vision Statement:
Enable professional use of technology to make business more effective.

Mission Statement:
Deliver open-source solutions to the enterprises, enabling SMEs to use enterprise grade IT solutions.

Achieve a high level of quality in our deployments to ensure that our clients can rely on the product to perform mission critical tasks.

We believe in simple and easy to use solutions to enable you to focus more on developing and expanding your business.


Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Ahmad
Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Ahmad
Beekeepers cooperative association was running multiple divisions with various tools and software that were not linked, limiting growth and scalability. The association needed a complete system that could manage divisions, including Production and Laboratory, and provide broad visibility into their operations and planning. Beekeepers Cooperative Association contacted Smart Way Business Solutions to assist with the evaluation of the current situation and planning a system design that met their complex needs.

In collaboration with Beekeepers Cooperative Association, Smart Way Business Solutions quickly identified the criteria for success, determined schedule and cost requirements and prototyped a new system. The result: Beekeepers Cooperative Association was delivered a plan that was carefully crafted to meet their goals as a growing local association
Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI)
Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI)
The Princess Taghrid Institute is a local NGO dedicated to rehabilitating, training, integrating and employing orphaned and abandoned youth after reaching the age of 18. PTI was established to solve the ongoing struggles faced by orphans and abandoned. At the critical age of 18, abandoned and orphaned youth are expected to leave the social institutions they were raised in and to start living their lives among the local community. We have noticed that among the youth, and especially the girls, that they are stigmatized and discriminated due to them being orphans and lacking a "normal family" structure. PTI therefore strives to professionally train and help these young adults unleash their creativity, and develop their already existing abilities, as well as find career opportunities that will help them become independent individuals and build a sustainable life. We also work hand in hand with the local community to help break the stigma, stereotypes attached to these individuals as well as supporting, and empowering women of the local community in order to enhance their skills and potential. PTI's mission is to create a training, educational institution, which strives for excellence. Where the trainees explore their talents, and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to help them in their future careers, providing them with a healthy and stable life. PTI also provides job opportunities for graduates in our organization's projects, allowing productivity to reach the highest levels of quality to all departments within the institute.
Professional Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
Professional Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
PAIS is a company established in 2008, specializing in Microsoft™ Unified
Communications in a professional manner, we are one of the first partners to be part of the
success story of Microsoft Cloud 3 years ago and built our experience by Microsoft Office 365
best practices. Our teams are well trained in order to design and create high-performance UC &
Cloud services for new (greenfield) projects or integrate with existing solutions in complex IT
environments. Our partners and staff are dedicated to bringing you the level of expertise
required to support the complex needs that matches the business requirement, both
on-premises and in the cloud. Our professional services have been proven to add value to our
clients in furnishing their businesses with solutions that enhance their efficiency and have direct
impact on their operational cost.
Traklink is the leading telematics service provider in Jordan and a pioneer in
Vehicle and Asset Tracking and Fleet Management utilizing M2M, Data Analytics and various
applications of IoT. Established in 2005, Traklink’s focus is on providing quality and the latest
GPS-based customized solutions for its clients. Keeping in mind the growing demands of the
market and the flexibility in adopting cutting-edge technologies of this domain is our priority.
Traklink grew and expanded throughout the last decade to cope with the exceeding demands
and to further develop the market. We offer a diverse set of tailored solutions that cater to the
needs of our different clients no matter what they are. Our solutions serve various sectors in
both the private and public realm as well as NGO’s. We proudly serve more than 2000 clients
with over 22,000 devices installed. Continually introducing and updating our services and
technologies ensures that we remain leaders in what we do.
Established in 1995, University Book Centers Company (UBCC) in its first phase
became Jordan's leading provider of academic books in the English Language. Our company
serves the needs of dozens of universities, colleges and educational institutions throughout
Jordan. Our customer base includes students, university professors, academics, professionals,
librarians, booksellers as well as individuals with diverse interests.
Later on UBCC expanded its efforts to work through all sorts of books. Now we are providing
several schools and trade book retailers through building on our wide network of suppliers and
well established services.
United Electronics Company
United Electronics Company
Established in 1972, United Electronics delivers a wide range of printing, imaging, and archiving, products and solutions for consumers, business enterprises, and government agencies. Our aim is to deliver the latest technologies of printing, imaging, and archiving solutions to the Jordanian and regional markets. UEC’s continuous development and focus on customer satisfaction and needs were exhibited and celebrated in 1998 when Canon Europe NV appointed UEC as the sole agent for all Canon products in Jordan, which has confirmed by Middle East FZ-LLC in 2000. UEC was ranked among the top five Canon dealers in the Middle East region in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2009. In 2013, celebrating its history, United Electronic Company revived its corporate image through re-branding its identity and becoming ‘United Electronics’.Website: