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Al Awael Farm
Al Awael Farm Poľnohospodárstvo
Al-Awael Farm is planting the best types of olives following the best practices to getting on high quality olives.
DinaFarms Poľnohospodárstvo
Dina Farms was founded in 1987 and has become Egypt’s and Africa’s largest private integrated dairy farm with more than 15,000 head of cattle of which over 8,000 are milking cows.

Dina Farms produces its own branded pasteurized fresh milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and skimmed milk powder in addition to selling raw milk to other local and international dairy producers in Egypt.

The farm is established over an area of 10,000 acres strategically located on the busy Cairo-Alexandria Desert road ‎close to the major local consumption markets and the coastal city of Alexandria.
Egyptian Growers Organization
Egyptian Growers Organization Poľnohospodárstvo
Egyptian Growers Organization (EGO) is an unique company in Egypt representing a collaboration of growers with farms in various locations throughout the country. EGO's goal is to market the high quality products available from our farms to our clients abroad.
Ethmar International
Ethmar International Poľnohospodárstvo
Ethmar is an international company that started farming more than twenty years ago in Egypt.
A country famous for its fertile lands, perfect weather conditions, central global location, and courteous, generous hardworking labor.
Our abilities to fulfill our customers’ expectations allowed us to grow and supply fruit and vegetables to both the European and the Asian markets.
European Group for Agricultural Development
European Group for Agricultural Development Poľnohospodárstvo
European Group for agricultural development is a leading company working in the field of plant nutrition. The company’s activity is concentrated in a wide range of products and services, that include pesticides, fertilizers and plant growth regulators. Since we established our company. we seek to develop the field of agriculture, and working hard to do everything necessary for the plant nutrition . The farming needs, developing new since and innovations to our country
First Grain
First Grain Poľnohospodárstvo
First Grain Egypt is a trading company has been established on 2006 since then it is operating on the Egyptian Grains market
with a stable step until it has reached total trading sum at 2015 has reached LE 500,000,000 (five hundred million Egyptian
pound). First Grain Egypt main propose is to provide value added Feed Grains Trading by it is professional staff. First Grains
Egypt is specialized in Corn and Soy meal trading.

As modern grain markets worldwide continue to evolve, our aim at First Grain is to capture local opportunities and provide value
added, vertical expansion to the supply chain process. By doing so, we offer competitive advantage to our customers who are
looking for reliability, high quality products at competitive price.
Graphic Line Trading & Agencies
Graphic Line Trading & Agencies Poľnohospodárstvo
The Company established in 2011.

We are an Egyptian company that specializes in importing, exporting and commercial agencies - trading machines, raw materials, supplies for printing and packaging, trade in paper of various kinds, and trading in spare parts for printing and packaging equipment

Intermedica-vet Poľnohospodárstvo
Intermedicavet (IMV) had been found in 2000, and since that time, it takes wide and steady steps toward the top of the market of veterinary medicine.
We are proud to be committed with an approach depending on credibility and transparency to achieve a long and honorable history and a solid bridge between the company and its customers.
We are carefully selecting our products range at the best international standards, which always have great favorable effects on the poultry industry and maximizing the profitability.

The company covers all the governments of Arab Republic of Egypt with veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed additives products for poultry, cattle, sheep, goat, horse, fish, cat and dog. Our products range includes antibiotics, anticoccidials, antiparasitic s, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, anti mycotoxins, disinfectants, etc.
Our target is to improve the overall animal health and reduce the incidence of disease.

Muhanna Agriculture & Trade Co. LTD.
Muhanna Agriculture & Trade Co. LTD. Poľnohospodárstvo
تأسست شركة مهنا للزراعة والتجارة المحدودة عام 1389هـ بخبرات طويلة ممتدة و ساهمت في النهوض بالمجال الزراعي، آخذين بعين الإعتبار الدعم الذي وجدته من الجهات الزراعية المختصة في المملكة العربية السعودية. تعد شركة مهنا للزراعة والتجارة المحدودة من إحدى الشركات الرائدة في المملكة العربية السعودية في مجال تجارة الآلات والمعدات والمواد الزراعية وكافة ما يستلزمه النشاط من أجهزة تقطير وري ومعالجة مياه وبذور وشتلات ومبيدات وأسمدة زراعية، ومضخات ومولدات كهربائية. وكذلك في مجال المناقصات وتنفيذ المشاريع الحكومية و الخاصة المختلفة بفريق قوي بخبرات عالية وتنفيذ دقيق وتمتلك الشركة مصنع لأنظمة الري الحديثة وهو متخصص في إنتاج الليات الزراعية بمختلف المقاسات والأطوال، وقطع الري بجميع أنواعها وأغراضها المتنوعة. ويقوم هذا المصنع بتوريد منتجاته إلى فروع الشركة، والبيع في الأسواق المحلية وبعض الأسواق العربية. وتتمتع الشركة بإدارة مركزية في مدينة الطائف ويوجد لديها فروع منتشرة في مدينة الرياض وجدة والطائف، كما يوجد للشركة فريق تسويق يغطي مختلف مناطق المملكة العربية السعودية. ويدار هذا الفريق مباشرتاً من قبل إدارة التسويق التي أخذت على عاتقها مهام تدريب موظفيها بالإضافة إلى التوزيع المناسب لمناطق التسويق في المملكة العربية السعودية بحسب جغرافية المنطقة من الناحية الزراعية. وقد حصلت الشركة على العديد من شهادات الشكر والتقدير من جهات مختلفة متخصصة في المجال الزراعي بناءً على دورها البارز والفاعل في النشاط الزراعي و مجال تنفيذ المناقصات والمشاريع
Nabil Abdrabou Group
Nabil Abdrabou Group Poľnohospodárstvo
Nabil Abdrabou Farms, known as NAF, started operating in Egypt since 1979. It’s a family-owned business, where Nabil Abdrabou, the founder, was the pioneer to import white turkeys to Egypt. With around 40 years of experience in the turkey industry, NAF became well known for its high quality food. Today the company supplies fresh and frozen turkeys to retailers, manufacturing companies, and hotels all over Egypt. NAF’s main goal is to deliver its customers superior quality while exceeding their expectations.
Sahara Misr
Sahara Misr Poľnohospodárstvo
Full-service landscape provider in Egypt offering comprehensive range of products. They specialize in superior interior & exterior landscaping services
United Farms
United Farms Poľnohospodárstvo
United Farms' activity is in the field of investments in agricultural and livestock production in Egypt has a competitive advantage in contributing to the production of selected food crops and their availability for export markets. As a specialist in the field of investments in agriculture and livestock production and supply, United Farms aims to engage in the investment process of agricultural and livestock goods both locally and globally. United Farms produces eight product categories: wheat, onion, corn, potatoes, beet, peanuts, grapes, mango, and dates (Our main product potatoes).
Vitazad Poľnohospodárstvo
Vitazad is a provider of crop solutions, transfer knowledge and knowhow by a team of certified experts in the industry
we are affiliated with world class manufacturers and producers of high quality innovative products.

شركة العائلة المتحدة لإنتاج اللحوم - FAM Beef
شركة العائلة المتحدة لإنتاج اللحوم - FAM Beef Poľnohospodárstvo
FAMBeef is a feedlot company that started in 2018 located in Ismailia, Egypt.
The company is currently one of the top 5 leading farms in the country with more than 4,000 heads in 2021.
Our vision is to become the market leader in the next 3 years, through a successful partnership with our customers & suppliers
With profitable outcome for all stakeholders
شركة النيل الدولية لتصدير الحاصلات الزراعية
شركة النيل الدولية لتصدير الحاصلات الزراعية Poľnohospodárstvo
تعد شركة النيل للمحاصيل إحدى شركات مجموعة النيل، وهي إحدى الشركات الرائدة في مجال المحاصيل الزراعية المصرية التي تدعم الاقتصاد المصري في مجال التصدير. تأسست الشركة حوالي ربع قرن، وتصنيع الشركة الأرز المصري السوبر، الفاصوليا البيضاء المصرية، التمور ذات جودة عالية.
تمتلك الشركة أكبر خطوط إنتاج البقوليات وتقدم الشركة منتجاتها من التمور الفاخرة والأعشاب والقول الأبيض وجميع المحاصيل الزراعية المصرية إلى جميع دول العالم بأعلى جودة وأسعار أقل تنافسية بعد أحدث تقنيات الصناعة والأمن الغذائي للتعبئة.