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Al Shahin For Food (Fresh Farm)
Al Shahin For Food (Fresh Farm) Landbouw
Al Shahin Company for development and Food FRESH FARM is an Egyptian Shareholding company
specialized in processing and packaging all types of meat. The company and factories are based in “Al
Obour City” the city that’s ranked as the number one industrial city all over Egypt. Al Shahin is also the
sole owner of the highly rated Spanish brand “Martinez Barragan. The Spanish company who has been
founded in 1978 and based in Cordoba, Spain is considered to be one of the market leaders in the
European food industry. The acquisition of Martinez Barragan S.A. by Al Shahin S.A. that took place in
2014 has been labelled as a major step for Al Shahin in obtaining a valuable market share in the
European food market. A
RESH FARM all levels of operation are based on the implementation of an integrated management
system that complies with the requirements of the latest international standards for ISO 9001, FSSC
22000, ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 18001, ISO 14001

The company is committed to continuous improvement of the management and integrated system by
educating, training and motivating employees to carry out tasks in a responsible manner and to
emphasize the strategy of continuous professional development. FRESH FARM all levels of operation are
based on the implementation of an integrated management system that complies with the
requirements of the latest international standards for ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 18001,
ISO 14001 Targeting an increasing market share in the food market in Egypt, Gulf, and African countries.
Vision Distinguishing the high quality of our products through a wide network of distribution outlets that
continuously meet customer expectations and confirm their satisfaction, and meet the requirements of
the parties involved in the activities of the company through the application and continuous
improvement of effective integrated management systems.
Belmach for Import
Belmach for Import Landbouw
Belmachinery» is an international company uniting like-minded people from Belarus, Egypt and Russia.
«Belmachinery» represents OJSC «MTW» and «BELARUS» tractors in the Egyptian market since 2015. During this period, thousands of units of agricultural machinery were delivered to Egypt.
Centech Landbouw
Centech is a family run business founded in the late 1960's, where in the late 1980’s Centech expanded its business by entering the Agricultural Sector through the importation of Fertilizers. Today Centech has several distribution contracts with global fertilizer companies such as SQM, Everris and Mitsui.
Centech chose YDS to be its digital transformation partner, by refining their current state business processes and implementing their business case on Odoo ERP using Odoo's operation modules & application to link the different departments with each other more efficiently & to facilitate the decision making process to the management by allowing them to use the powerful reporting capabilities of Odoo.
DinaFarms Landbouw
Dina Farms was founded in 1987 and has become Egypt’s and Africa’s largest private integrated dairy farm with more than 15,000 head of cattle of which over 8,000 are milking cows.

Dina Farms produces its own branded pasteurized fresh milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and skimmed milk powder in addition to selling raw milk to other local and international dairy producers in Egypt.

The farm is established over an area of 10,000 acres strategically located on the busy Cairo-Alexandria Desert road ‎close to the major local consumption markets and the coastal city of Alexandria.
EL-BOSTAN FOR MILLING is specialized in grains and pulses trading. The company established in 2013 as joint stock company, which aims to be a leading trade company in the Egyptian market.
Egyptian Company for Agriculture & Rural Development S.A. E
Egyptian Company for Agriculture & Rural Development S.A. E Landbouw
ECARD Egyptian Company for Agricultural and Rural Development will have a major role in supporting contract farming.• This will improve the level of income for farmers and increase their profitability through enhancing financing and support for all elements of the value chains for agricultural crops, • The company’s role in contracting between the farmer and the factory, in addition to its developmental role, by entering partnerships with investors to stimulate investment in the fields of agricultural (Crops-Seeds- Fertilizers- Machines).• The main aim is to control the financial support and be sure that it is used by the farmers without Abusing this financial support in the black market
Egyptian Greek for Agriculture Investment
Egyptian Greek for Agriculture Investment Landbouw
استصالح واستزراع األراضي الصحراوية باستخدام وسائل الري الحديثة حيث ان الشركة لديها مشروعين بمنطقة شرق المشروع االول ) 2500 فدان ( والمشروع الثاني )3000 فدان ( وتقوم الشركة بزراعتهم بزراعات النباتات الطبية والعطرية مثل البردقوش والريحان والزعتر والينسون وذلك بعقود توريد لصالح شركة الجيزة للبذور والنباتات الطبية وكذلك شركة صبا كما تقوم بزراعة البطاطس بالمشاركة مع شركة شيبسي للصناعات الغذائية كما ان الشركة لديها الخبرة بزراعة محصول الفول السوداني وكذلك القمح
Egyptian Growers Organization
Egyptian Growers Organization Landbouw
Egyptian Growers Organization (EGO) is an unique company in Egypt representing a collaboration of growers with farms in various locations throughout the country. EGO's goal is to market the high quality products available from our farms to our clients abroad.
Ethmar International
Ethmar International Landbouw
Ethmar is an international company that started farming more than twenty years ago in Egypt.
A country famous for its fertile lands, perfect weather conditions, central global location, and courteous, generous hardworking labor.
Our abilities to fulfill our customers’ expectations allowed us to grow and supply fruit and vegetables to both the European and the Asian markets.
European Group for Agricultural Development
European Group for Agricultural Development Landbouw
European Group for agricultural development is a leading company working in the field of plant nutrition. The company’s activity is concentrated in a wide range of products and services, that include pesticides, fertilizers and plant growth regulators. Since we established our company. we seek to develop the field of agriculture, and working hard to do everything necessary for the plant nutrition . The farming needs, developing new since and innovations to our country
First Grain
First Grain Landbouw
First Grain Egypt is a trading company has been established on 2006 since then it is operating on the Egyptian Grains market
with a stable step until it has reached total trading sum at 2015 has reached LE 500,000,000 (five hundred million Egyptian
pound). First Grain Egypt main propose is to provide value added Feed Grains Trading by it is professional staff. First Grains
Egypt is specialized in Corn and Soy meal trading.

As modern grain markets worldwide continue to evolve, our aim at First Grain is to capture local opportunities and provide value
added, vertical expansion to the supply chain process. By doing so, we offer competitive advantage to our customers who are
looking for reliability, high quality products at competitive price.
Freshsource Landbouw
At FreshSource, we aim to disrupt and order agriculture value chains
Keeping our farmer's livelihoods the top priority, we try to make sure to adopt the fairest business standards. These farmers are the backbone of Egypt's millennia old agricultural economy, therefore they should be always perceived as such
Haggan Group
Haggan Group Landbouw
Importer and trader of Organo-Genesis tissue culture palm transplants.
 Tissue culture palm transplants nursery management.
Indagroegypt Landbouw
In 2017, Indagro has successfully completed the acquisition of Experts for Food Industries and Olive Gardens to be part of its portfolio.

Experts was founded in 2007. The aim of the company was to capitalize on Egypt’s strength in the field of food industries and export the Egyptian products. In addition to the trading, this was a needed crucial one for the study of the Egyptian & International markets in depth and standing upon the explicit needs to be fulfilled. The trade business took off successfully through the exporting of various products ranging from pickled olives, table oil (sunflower& corn) and tomato paste double brix in tin cans.
International Delta Center for Export
International Delta Center for Export Landbouw
Who we are? For more than three decades, Int’l Delta Center for Export has been serving their clients. It was established in Qualiubia in 1985, built on many years of experience acquired by working in the field of exporting fresh vegetables. Our family business helps in holding to our principle of the self financed development of our company’s infrastructure and packing houses. At the beginning, the company had only one packing house for citrus and all kinds of vegetables and fruits .However, after more than thirty years in the business, our company owns its three buildings( packing house for fresh fruits and vegetables /cold store /factory of frozen vegetables and fruits) with capacity reaches 45000MTon an annual basis. The Success we have is owed to our partners all through the way from the Gulf to Canada and Europe to Russia. We have directed all our efforts toward increasing the production output of our products year after year while maintaining the highest standards of quality.