How can Odoo Support your ISO 9001 Quality of Management?

There is no such thing as an ISO 9001 Certified software.

ISO 9001 is the only standard in the family that can be certified. But the certification concerns the company and its quality management processes, not the tools/software they use. Yet, Odoo can be a great tool to implement your quality management processes.

This standard bases on several quality management principles (QMP), including strong customer focus, motivation, and implication of top management, process approach, and continual improvement. Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

QMP1 Customer Focus

Sustainable success is achievable when an organization attracts and retains the confidence of customers and other interested parties. Every aspect of customer interaction provides an opportunity to create more value for the customer.

Odoo will provide the tools to help you understand customers' current and future needs. More specifically, we recommend the following:

  • use the helpdesk app to open a communication channel with your customers and, eventually, the live chat app to engage more with prospects;

  • use the customer ratings feature to measure the satisfaction, that you can plug into your project management on the completion of tasks (service companies), on the closing of a helpdesk ticket (after-sales), or a delivery order (satisfaction of physical goods);

  • use the field service app for an efficient after-sales service. The key feature of this app to support ISO 9001 principles is the worksheet; you can structure your services according to customer demands;

  • use the customer rating feature to make continuous improvement by integrating failures into new checks in the worksheet.

The traceability of every interaction with a customer will help communicate the customer's needs and expectations through the organization.

QMP2 Leadership
Creation of unity of purpose and direction, and engagement of people, enable an organization to align its strategies, policies, processes, and resources to achieve its objectives. Most of the ISO 9001 leadership's principles are supported by people and their behavior.

To support your leaders with their decisions, Odoo provides reporting and dashboards on all customer and quality-related processes. That way, your leaders can make decisions on transparent statistics and communicate their decisions with factual measures.

QMP3 Engagement of People
Our recommendation to achieve commitment and communicate objectives is to integrate those objectives in the appraisal process. Here's how Odoo can help:

  • The empowerment of the employees starts with efficient communication. A chatter is embedded in every app and makes employees of different services/departments work together efficiently.

  • Odoo appraisal works for a 360degrees assessment. It helps leaders give constructive feedback to their direct reports, as well as; employees express their needs and feelings to their supervisor.

QMP4 Engagement of People 
Consistent and predictable results are achievable when activities are understood and managed as interrelated processes that function as a coherent system. This is where Odoo excels at supporting you.

Odoo's apps are interrelated processes. All steps of tracked processes in the chatter helps to understand results, which enables an organization to optimize the system and its performance.

To efficiently customize your process according to your organization or customers' needs, you can use the Odoo Studio app.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of areas where Odoo processes can help beyond the usual processes CRM-Sales-Invoice, RFQ-Purchase-Invoice:

  • Manufacturing company:

    • Thanks to the definition of quality control points on specific operations, the Quality app helps you make sure the products delivered by your supplier, as well as your products, respect predefined requirements. Based on the quality checks results, the supply and manufacturing processes are reworkable and improved to meet those requirements.

    • By deploying tablets in the shop, you give direct access to the work instructions thanks to the Manufacturing app, ensuring the worker knows what and how to do his job. And you get direct feedback from him if anything goes wrong.

  • Service company: Define the different tasks which should be performed, schedule them in time, and plan your resources on those various tasks thanks to the Planning app. In case you want to track the cost of the project, your employees can register timesheets so that you will quickly determine what parts of the implementation are the most significant cost centers.

  • Recruitment: From the job posting on your website to the onboarding of new employees, including tracking of the candidate's interviews and referral program, Odoo makes it easy, consistent, and compelling.

QMP5 Improvement 
Improvement is essential for an organization to maintain current levels of performance, to react to changes in its internal and external conditions, and to create new opportunities.

In companies developing physical products, we recommend using the Odoo PLM (Product Lifecycle Management app) to plan, design, develop, and improve your products. Create and track your engineering change orders (ECOs) to get an accurate status of your production improvements.

QMP6 Evidence-Based Decision Making
Decision making can be a complicated process, and it always involves some uncertainty. It often includes multiple types and sources of inputs, as well as their interpretation, which can be subjective. It is important to understand cause-and-effect relationships and potential unintended consequences.

Facts, evidence, and data analysis lead to greater objectivity and confidence in decision making. This is how it usually works:

  1. Odoo users check their dashboard periodically to get a quick overview at a glance.

  2. When they discover an unusual pattern, they can drill down to a graph or a pivot table reporting, and slice on any dimension to find a root-cause.

  3. From this reporting, they can click in any cell to get all documents that impacted these KPIs.

  4. From each document, there is full traceability of every step of the process to identify what happened to it. You even have the communication with the customer attached to each step of the process!

That way, managers can support their decisions with facts and precise data.

QMP6 Relationship Management 
Customers, suppliers, and employees influence the performance of an organization. Sustained success is more likely to be achieved when the organization manages relationships with all of its interested parties to optimize their impact on its performance. Relationship management with its supplier and partner networks is of particular importance.

As a result, Odoo Purchase allows you to track KPIs of every supplier, and keep track of every interaction you have had with this supplier. The communication simpler as discussions happen directly on the related request for quotation or purchase order.

To efficiently exchange information with subcontractors, the Documents app and the portal allow sharing all products related documents with suppliers, such as plans, quality control to perform, bill of materials, etc.

To measure the implementation of agreed changes in the quality process, you can always use the Quality app to define control points at receptions of the parts.

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