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Silent Infotech LLC


Silent Infotech LLC
433 Waterford Dr
Edison, NJ 08817-1918
United States
+1 817-601-7574

Our unique skills of “Micro Process Automation”  within the Odoo workflows makes Odoo a super productive tool for your business. 

Combination of “Odoo, RFID and IoT” makes Silent Infotech(SIT) unique across the Odoo community. SIT has a unique way of business process engineering for any business regardless of the complexity. Silent Infotech have invented a special method to set up Odoo in a scalable way in order to last it for decades. 

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Odoo ERP Consultation

  • Why Odoo? 

  • What all modules will your business need? 

  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

  • Feasibility of integrating third party solutions

Odoo Implementation

  • Business Process Analysis & Roadmap Preparation

  • Odoo Setup / Data Migration / Workflow Development

  • Odoo ERP Integrations with External Services

  • Workflow Testing and Milestone Based Delivery

  • Operational Odoo Training (Functional & Technical)

Odoo SEO

  • Detailed Website Audit

  • Improve Visibility

  • Improve Website/E-Commerce store traffic

  • Google Ads Integration

  • Improve ROI

Odoo Server Administration

  • High Availability Clustering 

  • Backup

  • Server Monitoring

  • DDOS Protection 

  • Server Auditing and hardening 

  • Cloud / On Premise server setup

AI / Industrial Automation 

  • IOT Enabled sensors integration 

  • AI Based data entry mistake detection

  • Manufacturing Machine Integration with Odoo ERP

  • IIOT Dashboard Design 

Industries Served

Silent Infotech have implemented Odoo ERP for numerous clients across industries listed below


- Make to Order 

- Make to Stock 

- Work Centers 

- COGS Setup 

- Sub Contracting

- Quality Assurance 


Contract/Project Management

- Subcontracting 

- Document Approvals 

- Tasks management 

- Contract eSigning 

- Margin management 

- Project Dashboard


- Funnel up sales channels 

- SEO Friendly

- Shopify Odoo Integration

- Woocommerce Odoo Integration

- Magento Odoo integration

Sales and Distribution

- Drop shipping 

- Shipping Integration 

- Automated qty reservation 

- Fleet Management 

- Traceability Dashboard. 

- Cold chain logistics

Warehouse and Inventory

- RFID based automated tracking. 

- Stock level management. 

- Palletizing 

- Sensor Integration 

- Rack management


- Odoo Accounting training. 

- Multi Company Setup. 

- CoA Setup. 

- Reconciliation

- Inventory valuation. 

- Custom Reports 

Seafood Industry

- Dockside Purchase 

- RFID based tracking 

- Shopfloor Management 

- Grading & Processing 

- Quality Assurance 

- Water Quality Sensors 

Printing Industry 

- Web to Print 

- Personalized Designs. 

- Printing Process: Engraving, Screen Print, Sand Blasting. 

- Work Centers 

- Shipping and Delivery

Aviation and Logistics 

- Fleet Management

- Asset tracking 

- Flight management. 

- Delivery Operations scheduling 

- Maintenance



Elven Agri Company Ltd
Elven Agri Company Ltd
Elven Agri is the grower and processor of dried tropical fruits, vegetables, chilies & other spices. Their guarantee of quality extends beyond processing and to crop plantation and harvesting. The dried fruits and spices do not use anything artificial in the entire supply chain process right from crop plantation to final finished ingredient. Elven Agri doesn’t just process food, they grow it.

All products are 100% pure: additive-free & sulphur-free. They have excellent production & quality management teams, at the farm and the factory that work tirelessly to ensure that you only get the best quality products from the organization. The customer service teams further ensure that you have a seamless experience once in contact with them.
Source It Retail
Source It Retail
SIR is One-stop import/export wholesaler for retail industry sourcing. Decades of manufacturing know-how and experience in producing retail space fixtures and fittings.

SIR is designing and developing retail merchandising products. They are also sourced and manufactured to client specifications. SIR supplies to the range of corporate clients and markets.
SIR is having inhouse logistics for import and export needs.