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Silent Infotech Inc.
433 Waterford Dr
Edison, NJ 08817-1918
United States
+1 817-601-7574

Silent Infotech Inc.

Our unique skills of “Micro Process Automation”  within the Odoo workflows makes Odoo a super productive tool for your business. 

Combination of “Odoo, RFID and IoT” makes Silent Infotech(SIT) unique across the Odoo community. SIT has a unique way of business process engineering for any business regardless of the complexity. Silent Infotech have invented a special method to set up Odoo in a scalable way in order to last it for decades. 

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Odoo ERP Services : 

Odoo ERP Consultation

  • Extensible Odoo ERP Apps based on Type of Business process ? 

  • Products SKU management & Inventory Setup ? 

  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

  • Feasibility of integrating third party solutions

Odoo Implementation

  • Business Process Analysis & Roadmap Preparation

  • Odoo Setup / Data Migration / Workflow Development

  • Odoo ERP Integrations with External Services

  • Workflow Testing and Milestone Based Delivery

  • Operational Odoo Training (Functional & Technical)

Odoo Server Hosting Administration

  • High Availability Clustering 

  • Backup

  • Server Monitoring

  • DDOS Protection 

  • Server Auditing and hardening 

  • Cloud / On Premise server setup

AI / Industrial Automation 

  • IOT Enabled sensors integration 

  • AI Based data entry mistake detection

  • Manufacturing Machine Integration with Odoo ERP

  • IIOT Dashboard Design 

Industries Served

Silent Infotech have implemented Odoo ERP for numerous clients across industries listed below

Seafood Industry
  • Purchase with Traceability Lot No.
  • Multi Warehouse Stock
  • Grading and Packaging
  • RFID based Crate (Package) tracking
  • Industrial IOT Sensor Integration and Alerts System
  • Quality Checkpoints
  • RFID Handheld Computers usage for Inventory
Construction / Furniture  & Household Installation
  • Site Survey and Estimation
  • Document Approvals
  • Contract Project Management and e-Signing
  • Job Scheduling and Costing tracking Human Resource Time and Material
  • Project Dashboard showing Planning vs Cost
Apparels eCommerce
  • Multi Sales Channel to Odoo Orders
  • Integrations with Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce etc
  • Optimal Warehouse Batch Picking + Packing + Shipping
  • Shipping Integrations (Shipstation, Fedex, UPS)
  •  Return Management & Re-Stock
Solar & Renewable Energy
  • Solar Wholesale & Distribution
  • B2B eCommerce
  • Warehouse Management
  • Creditsafe Integration
  • ERP for eBike Manufacting & Assembling
Wholesale Warehouse and Inventory
  • Multi-Location Warehouse workflow
  • RFID / GS1 Barcode based Inventory Tracking
  • Pallet / Package Labelling
  • Logistic Integrations 
  • B2B eCommerce with Tiered Pricelist
  • Landed Cost and Margin Reports
  • B2B Merchandise Marketing email & landing page on eCommerce
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Portal & Immunization
  • Case Management & Consultation Notes
  • Prescription & Procedures
  • Medical Billing and Medicare Claim
  • HL7 Integration & EDI 276 ( Health Care Claim Status Inquiry)
  • Leased Line Sales Contracts eSign
  • VOIP Phone System Sales & Project
  • Integration with Telecom Billing webaBillity
  • CRM Pre-sales Survey
  • Telecom Rental Leasing Contract
  • Integrations with Autotask
Printing Industry 
  • Web to Print eCommerce with Custom Art Designer Tool
  • Make to Order
  • MRP : WorkCentre
  • Order Status updates to Customer
  • Shipping Integrations : Shipstation, Fedex, UPS.
Aviation and Logistics 
  • Drone UAS Manufacturing : Multi-Level Complex Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Traceability Serial No of Parts to Finished Product.
  • Drone Services Business : Fleet Tracking,  Flight Scheduling, Flight Log management.
  • Fleet Maintenance (Equipment Maintenance) : Preventive & Corrective.

Odoo ERP Case Study

Seafood Processor ERP Solution

  • Inventory Traceability across supply chain
  • Sensor IOT Dashboard for Freshness Monitoring
  • Grading and Packaging

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Contract Job Costing with Odoo ERP

  • Job Quotations in CRM
  • Job Projects tracking Time and Material in that Job
  • Job Procurement Requisition 

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Odoo ERP for e-Bike Manufacturer

  • Blanket Purchase
  • Shopify eCommerce Integration
  • Dynamic Stock visibility on eCommerce
  • Return Management to Stock

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UAV Drone Manufacturers Odoo ERP

  • Multi-Level Complex BOM(bill of material handling)
  • Manufacturing Quality Checks
  • Drone Fleet Management & Maintenance

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Odoo ERP for Kitchen Manufacturer

  • CRM Lead information with Site Survey
  • Contract Digitazation with Odoo eSign
  • Manufacturing integrated with Purchase

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Web to Print eCommerce + Manufacturing

  • Multi-sales channel order funnel (eg. Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc)
  • Printing Job Order with Odoo Manufacturing
  • eCommerce Custom Art Designer (Responsive)

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Now having B2B eCommerce store with the help of Silent Infotech for online catalogue and ordering. Place your order ahead and select the in-store pick up option, or have the items shipped to you!