Odoo IoT Box

Everything the Internet of Things offers.

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IoT Made Easy

Boks IoT mengizinkan Anda untuk menghubungkan semua perangkat ke database Anda.

Konfigurasi Mudah

Connect the IoT Box and the devices you need to your database in no time, no technical expertise required.

Terintegrasi penuh

With the IoT Box, devices are fully integrated with existing business processes,  boosting your productivity.

Standard Connections

Devices can be connected through Wifi, Bluetooth, USB or HDMI.

Increased productivity is easy!



Connect Odoo IoT

Discover Devices

All devices found are automatically available in Odoo

Link Operations

Link the devices to your business steps

Start Using!

Siap digunakan

Flawless integration

Discover how the IoT Box can help you integrate IoT devices into your business processes

Add any measurement tools you use, such as digital calipers, micrometers, gauge feelers, height gages...

Measurements are linked to the Products you are processing and you can continue or reject at each step.

See the values instantly and avoid the risk of mistakes and additional time needed when copying this information manually.

Use pictures to verify quality, document issues or meet auditing requirements.

One click to take your picture and you can then continue working!

Everything is available to make your work seamless - no more time wasted connecting devices and moving files back and forth.

Link Lots and Serial Numbers to Reports. 

Print product labels at the same time as you generate a new serial number - before or after you produce your products.

Leverage barcodes to automate your Warehouse.

Streamline your manufacturing process and increase your productivity with a footswitch.

Keep your hands free for the work you need to do, instead of needing to switch back and forth between your keyboard.

Any footswitch with a USB connector is compatible out of the box.

You're a partner and you want to get an IoT Box for demonstration purpose ?

Get my IoT Sandbox Menjadi mitra

Penetapan Harga

The IoT Box subscription costs US$ 30,00/bulan/box
Dengan langganan ini, anda akan menerima IoT Box anda gratis.

Terintegrasi penuh dengan semua Aplikasi Odoo



The comprehensive workcenter control panel solution.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Easily create invoices from Point of Sale transactions into Odoo Accounting.



Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.

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