Compatible devices

Many devices are compatible with the Odoo IoT box, here's a list of what we recommend.


USB cameras and webcams are compatible out of the box.

We recommend Logitech devices
(not before 2010)

HID Devices

Every USB footswitch or USB keyboard is compatible out of the box

A footswitch
Logitech K120


Printers connected through USB or network are compatible out of the box.

For label printers, we recommend the  Zebra ZD410   as we support ZPL protocol for automatic printing from POS.

Measurement Tools

The Odoo IoT Box supports many measurements tools with different connection standards (Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, USB...).

Measurements tools can range between gauge feelers, depth gauges, calipers, and much more!

You can find the complete list of compatible tools here:
- or

Caliper USB Sylvac Sylvac USB
Caliper Bluetooth Sylvac Sylvac BT

Weighing Scales

The Odoo IoT Box supports several scales with different drivers. The scales can be used in both the PoS and Inventory applications.
The connection standards are different depending on the scales’ family you decide to use (WiFi, HDMI, USB...).

We recommend Ariva-S model
of the Mettler Toledo Ariva family.