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Everything the Internet of Things offers.

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Odoo Iot, видео

IoT стал проще

The IoT Box allows you to connect external devices to your Odoo database.

A simple cable

Простая настройка

Connect the IoT Box and the devices you need to your database in no time, no technical expertise required.

A laptop surrounded by other devices

Полная интеграция

With the IoT Box, devices are fully integrated with existing business processes,  boosting your productivity.

A hand plugging an ethernet cable into a computer

Стандартные соединения

Поддерживается подключение устройств посредством Wifi, Bluetooth, USB или HDMI.

Increased productivity is easy!



A hand connecting a USB plug to the Odoo IoT box

Discover Devices

Все найденные устройства автоматически доступны в Odoo

Link Operations

Свяжите устройства с вашими бизнес-шагами

Start Using!

Готово к использованию

Безупречная интеграция

Discover how the IoT Box can help you integrate IoT devices into your business processes


Стоимость подписки на IoT Box US$ 30,00/месяц/поле.
With this subscription, you receive your IoT Box for free.

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Полная интеграция со всеми приложениями Odoo


The comprehensive workcenter control panel solution.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Easily create invoices from Point of Sale transactions into Odoo Accounting.


Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.

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