Odoo IoT FAQ

The IoT Box Subscription costs US$ 30.00/month/box. For each IoT Box Subscription, you get an IoT Box for free (shipping fees included) (special temporary offer).  

You can buy an IoT Box from our eCommerce for US$ 149.51*.

If the IoT Box is connected to a production database, the US$ 30.00/month/box subscription will be added to the enterprise contract automatically.
*Price is based on your region

The Iot Box has a one year warranty. If there is an issue with the box, the customer can send it back within one year and get a new one.

I already have a PoSBox, will it work as an IoT Box?

Yes, but you have to flash the SD card to have the new version of the image. Steps to follow:

  1. Download the image
  2. Follow our tutorial to flash it on your former POS box

Since 2020, the Iot Box (based on a Raspberry 4) has 2 HDMI plugs which allow you to connect 2 screens in addition to the cashier screen (e.g. one customer display and one promotion display)

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