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What's the roadmap for Odoo 17 (i.e. what are the expected features for the upcoming Odoo release in October 2023)?

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This is a good information

May I ask what will include the Community Edition?

will odoo 17 bring back the Grid variant entry in Point of Sales?  odoo 15 have this feature, but odoo 16 doesn't

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Odoo 17 is expected to be release during Odoo Experience 2023 in this October. 

Odoo 17 is expected to be released with UI/UX refactoring, glimpses of new ui is shared in public.



Watch the full Odoo 17 User interface here:  Odoo 17 User Interface

The other expected change is in the search view, it is expected to be more advanced.

Odoo PWA keeps moving forward with the addition of shortcuts, allowing quick access to several key apps of your Odoo instance.

See:  Odoo PWA

Quickly select records using your keyboard and the SHIFT key support and quickly unselect in a single click. 


List and kanban column headers will remain visible even when scrolled for more data readability

"Create" button is renamed to "New" (Planned for 17, but it is backported to 16 also)

Odoo17 may allow adding products in sale order from catalog(kanban) view.