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We are running Odoo eCommerce about a week and we get strange 'empty' orders from the web store. In our system there are many 'quotations' from website sales with no products, and placed by mysterious 'Public user'. The 'Public user' has no address or contact information. 

It is impossible to make an online purchase without filling in the address form in checkout or place an order without any product in the cart. 

What is this bug? Do you have similar experience with such strange website orders? It occurs on all our Odoo installations where we have only one database. If there are two or more copies of the database there is no problem with these empty orders from 'Public user'.  

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If I'm not mistaking you're seeing all the 'orders' from users that simply clicked on some products / opened up the shopping cart. Odoo always saves them as a concept to keep track of which items are attached to which person/session. If you'd open your own shop (when you're fully logged out), click on some items so they come up in your cart, and then login with an admin account on another browser you'll see there is a new record created. I believe you're talking about this? :)

Hello Yenthe, Thanks for your answer. You're right, system creates quotation when customer adds first product to the cart. But in our case the web shop is not available for public users. We give access to the eCommerce only for portal users (accepted customers) because we are using it as B2B platform. Access is restricted for not logged in users, and when logged in user adds a product to the cart the created quotation is related with the customer (not anonymous 'Public user'). Any idea? Regards, Sebastian

Landis Arnold

same is happening here.  I have a very freshi install with One Product  (Service).  Sometimes I get Public User Orders for Service, sometimes I get Public User orders for nothing. Good to understand the root anyway.  Strange behavior but I suppose it is feedback that people are visiting though we are not really selling online through the site (about to import via Magento-Connector so will have some items.

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We solved this issue following those steps: