Invoice Time Spent on Tickets (Postpaid Support Services)

The Timesheet on Ticket integration provides more control and transparency over how clients are charged, and what they’re specifically billed for.

In Odoo, the Helpdesk agent can use the ticket to record timesheets. Once a ticket is solved, the client can be billed for the time spent on the ticket. Odoo will pull from the ticket’s timesheet to accurately bill the client.


To turn on the Timesheet on Ticket feature, go to Helpdesk ‣ Configuration ‣ Helpdesk Teams, select a Helpdesk team, and then, click Edit. Next, enable the options Timesheet on Ticket and Time Reinvoicing. Then, click Save to apply these changes to the Helpdesk team settings.

Once the Timesheet on Ticket feature is enabled, a Project drop-down option will appear below Timesheet on Ticket. The Project drop-down option will automatically be set to a Project that Odoo created for the Helpdesk team. The tickets’ timesheets will be stored in the selected Project.

Create a sales order

After a ticket comes into the pipeline, go to Sales ‣ Create. Then, add the customer from the ticket to the Customer field in the new quotation. In the Order Lines tab, create or select a product to charge the customer for the time spent on their Helpdesk ticket.

If creating a new product from the sales order form, first give the product a name by typing it in the Product column. Then, click Create and edit.

First, in the General Information tab, set the Product Type to Service and the Sales Price to the Helpdesk agent’s service rate. Then, in the Sales tab, set the Service Invoicing Policy to Timesheets on tasks. Finally, click Save to create the new product and add it to the quotation.

Once the product is added, click Confirm to turn the quotation into a sales order.

Create a sales order and add a product.

Record a timesheet

To record a timesheet, jump back to the Helpdesk ticket by going to the Helpdesk dashboard and clicking Tickets on the team’s card (or by going to the Projects dashboard and clicking Tickets on the project card). Then, click Edit and use the Timesheets tab to record the time spent on the ticket.

Record time spent on a ticket.


The ticket’s timesheets can be recorded before or after the sales order is made, the order doesn’t matter.

Modify billing rates

If a timesheet entry is recorded, but the agent does not want to bill the client for that time, go to the Timesheets tab and toggle on the visibility of the Sales Order Item column. When filling out the information for the timesheet entry, make sure to leave the non-billable timesheet entry’s Sales Order Item field blank.

If the agent wants to charge a different rate for a timesheet entry, first, add a new product to the connected SO priced at the new rate. Then, select the new product in the timesheet entry’s Sales Order Item field.

Create the invoice

When the Helpdesk ticket is completed and the client is ready to be billed for time, begin by clicking the Sales Order smart button on the ticket form to navigate to the SO. The Delivered column should match the number of hours recorded on the ticket’s timesheet. After checking and filling out the relevant information, click Create Invoice to bill the client for the time spent on the ticket. Odoo will automatically generate an invoice to send to the client and the Helpdesk ticket can officially be closed.