Use VoIP services in Odoo with Axivox


Odoo VoIP can be set up to work together with Axivox. In that case, an Asterisk server is not necessary as the infrastructure is hosted and managed by Axivox.

To use this service, contact Axivox to open an account. Before doing so, verify that Axivox covers your area and the areas you wish to call.


Go to Apps and install the VoIP Module.

VoIP module installation on an Odoo database

Go to Settings ‣ General Settings ‣ Integrations, and fill out the Asterisk (VoIP) field:

  • PBX Server IP: set the domain created by Axivox for your account (e.g.,

  • WebSocket: type in wss://

  • VoIP Environment: set as Production

Integration of Axivox as VoIP provider in an Odoo database

Configure the VOIP user in the Odoo’s user

Go to Settings ‣ Users & Companies ‣ Users, then open the user’s form you want to configure. Under the Preferences tab, fill out the section PBX Configuration:

  • SIP Login / Browser’s Extension: the Axivox username

  • SIP Password: the Axivox SIP Password

Integration of Axivox user in the Odoo user preference


You can find all this information by logging in at, selecting the user you want to configure, and referring to the fields as pictured below.

SIP credentials in the Axivox manager

Phone Calls

You can make phone calls by clicking on the phone icon in the navigation bar.

You can also receive phone calls. Odoo rings and displays a notification.


Your number is the one provided by Axivox.

Incoming VoIP call in Odoo


If you see a Missing Parameter message in the Odoo softphone, refresh your Odoo window and try again.

"Missing Parameter" error message in the Odoo softphone


If you see an Incorrect Number message in the Odoo softphone, make sure to use the international format, leading with the plus (+) sign followed by the international country code. E.g., +16506913277 (where +1 is the international prefix for the United States).

"Incorrect Number" error message in the Odoo softphone