Create quality alerts

Configuring quality control points is a great way to ensure that quality checks are performed at routine stages during specific operations. However, quality issues can often appear outside of these scheduled checks. Using Odoo Quality, users can create quality alerts for issues that are not detected by automated processes.

Find and fill out the quality alerts form

In some situations, it is necessary to manually create quality alerts within the Quality module.


A helpdesk user who is notified of a product defect by a customer ticket can create an alert that brings the issue to the attention of the relevant quality team.

To create a new quality alert, start from the Quality module and select Quality Control ‣ Quality Alerts ‣ Create. The quality alert form can then be filled out as follows:

  • Title: choose a concise, yet descriptive title for the quality alert

  • Product: the product about which the quality alert is being created

  • Product Variant: the specific variant of the product that has the quality issue, if applicable

  • Lot: the lot number assigned to the product

  • Work Center: the work center where the quality issue originated

  • Picking: the picking operation during which the quality issue originated

  • Team: the quality team that will be notified by the quality alert

  • Responsible: the individual responsible for managing the quality alert

  • Tags: classify the quality alert based on user-created tags

  • Root Cause: the cause of the quality issue, if known

  • Priority: assign a priority between one and three stars to ensure more urgent issues are prioritized

The tabs at the bottom of the form can be used to provide additional information to quality teams:

  • Description: provide additional details about the quality issue

  • Corrective Actions: the method for fixing affected products

  • Preventive Actions: procedures for preventing the issue from occurring in the future

  • Miscellaneous: the product vendor (if applicable), the company that produces the product, and the date assigned

An example of a completed quality alert form.

Add quality alerts during the manufacturing process

Odoo enables manufacturing employees to create quality alerts within a work order without accessing the Quality module. From the work order tablet view, click the :guilabel:` ☰ ` hamburger menu icon in the top left corner and select Quality Alert.

Access the work order menu.

The quality alert form can then be filled out as detailed in the previous section. After saving the form, a new alert will appear on the Quality Alerts dashboard that can be found through the Quality ‣ Quality Control menu.

Manage existing quality alerts

By default, quality alerts are organized in a kanban board view. The stages of the kanban board are fully configurable and alerts can be moved from one stage to the next by dragging and dropping or from within each alert. Additional options are available for viewing alerts, including graph, calendar, and pivot table views.


Filter alerts based on diverse criteria like date assigned or date closed. Alerts can also be grouped by quality team, root cause, or other parameters found under the Filters button menu.