Manage unsubscriptions (Blacklist)

Providing recipients with the power to unsubscribe from mailing lists is not only a smart business practice, it’s often a legal requirement. By allowing recipients to unsubscribe from a mailing list establishes a sense of trust with an audience, and helps companies appear genuine (and not spammy).

Enable the Blacklist feature

First, the Blacklist feature must be enabled. To do that, navigate to Email Marketing app ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, enable to Blacklist Options when Unsubscribing, and click Save.

View of the blacklist feature in the Settings page of the Odoo Email Marketing app.

With that feature activated, an Unsubscribe link appears in mailings. If a recipient clicks that link, Odoo reveals a Unsubscriptions page, where they can directly manage their subscriptions.


With a test mailing, clicking the Unsubscribe link reveals an error page (error 403 - Access Denied). To make sure the link is working properly, create the mailing, and only send it to a personal email.


In addition to having the option to Unsubscribe from specific mailing lists, the recipient can also Blacklist themselves, meaning they will not receive any more emails.


The mailing list has to be configured as Public in order to be visible for users.

To view a complete collection of blacklisted email addresses, navigate to Email Marketing app ‣ Configuration ‣ Blacklisted Email Addresses.

View of the blacklisted email addresses page in Odoo Email Marketing.

When a blacklisted record is selected from this page, Odoo reveals a separate page with that blacklisted recipient’s contact information.

View of a blacklisted contact detail form in Odoo Email Marketing.

In the Chatter of this page, there’s a time-stamped message, informing the user when that recipient blacklisted themselves (via a Mail Blacklist created log note).

Unblacklist contacts

To Unblacklist contacts, click the Unblacklist button in the upper-left corner to remove the contact from the blacklist, allowing them to receive mailings once again.

When Unblacklist is clicked, a pop-up appears. In this pop-up, the specific email address is listed, and there’s a Reason field, in which a reason can be entered, explaining why this particular contact was removed from the blacklist.

View of the unblacklist pop-up window in the Odoo Email Marketing application.

After filling in the fields, click Confirm to officially remove that particular contact from the blacklist.