First off, thank you for landing here and considering contributing to Odoo!

This documentation serves as a guide for first-timer and veteran contributors. As an open-core project, Odoo accepts contributions from everyone, Odoo employees and members of the Odoo community alike. The Odoo community comprises users, developers, and other interested parties who contribute their time and expertise.

Depending on your skill set and interest, there are many ways to contribute to Odoo. The table below lists the most important of them.




Target Audience

Join the community

Participate in discussions on the forums, help answer questions, and assist other members of the Odoo community.

Anyone interested in Odoo

Submit bug reports

Help improve the stability of Odoo by reporting the bugs that you discover in supported versions directly to Odoo support. Make sure to include as many details (version, environment, test scenario…) as possible. If you don’t have the Odoo Enterprise license required for contacting the support, open a new issue on the GitHub repository of Odoo.

Users of Odoo

Translate Odoo

Translate the user interface and documentation of Odoo into different languages.

Anyone fluent in multiple languages

Contribute to the codebase

Submit pull requests to the Odoo GitHub repositories to fix bugs, add new features, or improve the performance and reliability of the product. You can also review and comment on pull requests from other contributors. By contributing to the codebase, you can make a direct and lasting impact on the quality and features of Odoo.

Developers with experience in Python and web development

Contribute to the documentation

Submit corrections and improvements to the Odoo documentation. The product evolves fast, and it can be challenging to consistently reflect these changes in the documentation. By updating the documentation, you can help many users find their way in Odoo.

Anyone interested in improving the Odoo documentation

Create custom modules

Develop new modules to extend the functionality of Odoo. Custom modules can be made available for free or paid on the Odoo App Store or on any other Odoo modules library. By creating custom modules and making them available to others, you can help grow the Odoo ecosystem and provide additional value to users of the platform.

Developers with experience in Python and web development


It is mainly Odoo employees who develop new features for the codebase and write new content for the documentation. Be sure to discuss any idea for a new feature or page with the Odoo team so they can give you the green light before you begin working on it. Some features may already be in development on their side, and only approved features can be merged.