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AWE Research
AWE Research Education
Awe is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
Aspire International School
Aspire International School Education
Located in New Cairo, Egypt, Aspire International School strongly believes
in the fundamental role education plays exploring the psychological,
intellectual and social treasures in all students and developing this
capital in order to design a bright future that leads to the prosperity of
our nation and the endorsement to compete globally with a global mindset.
Utopia International school
Utopia International school Education
Utopia International School is the learning home for a very special community
of students, educators, administrators, and management.
We all share the common aim to ensure that each and every student in our
care has access to the most valuable, fulfilling and enjoyable learning real
world experience.
Through these experiences our students are given opportunity to use their
newly acquired skills and knowledge in active pursuit of positive contributions
to their community as they build and enhance their individual personalities
and communication skills.