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AWE Research
AWE Research Educação
Awe is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
Acad Egypt Academy
Acad Egypt Academy Educação
ACAD Training & Consulting adopted international standards and best practice competency based models as well as the implementation of human resources restructuring philosophy and modern training strategies in order to provide its customers with quality consulting and training services. In a fast developing world, ACAD extends its support to help businesses achieve transformational and paradigm shifting from traditional to competency-based performance and to attain their future strategic goals. In this respect, with our internationally certified experts, we have been awarded a number of international certifications and hence, accredited to design, deliver international training courseware and accordingly issue internationally accredited certifications. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce our customers to the newly developed training plan for the year 2020 comprising a number of diversified modern programs.

As a preeminent strategy consultant locally and regionally consultant in various industries, ACAD Training & Consulting is uniquely well-placed to help individuals and organizations build world class workforce. Where an organisation needs to re-focus staff, manage change or to capture commercial opportunities, our ability to define training objectives, design and deliver on-point training, to support implementation, to certify competence and to evaluate training outcomes, makes us the trusted partner of choice for your training needs. We draw on our hand picked team of expert trainers, who are among the most experienced and renowned specialists in their respective fields, to create strategic business solutions that reflect our spirit of excellence. You can choose the learning solution, which best suits your schedule, team, learning style and budget.
Arafa Language School
Arafa Language School Educação
Arafa Language School delivers an outstanding education whilst ensuring that
Egyptian values are central to school life. We aim to expand the minds of
our students and infuse them with a passion for learning and the ambition to
make a difference in the local and global community. Our mission is to build
a new generation of entrepreneurs, by equipping students with an innovative
spirit and a positive attitude to education, life, and work whilst staying
grounded in their own culture and identity. We believe that students can
only achieve their individual potential through a well-balanced and
progressive education that cultivates a lifelong enthusiasm for learning fit
for a globally connected world.
Aspire International School
Aspire International School Educação
Located in New Cairo, Egypt, Aspire International School strongly believes
in the fundamental role education plays exploring the psychological,
intellectual and social treasures in all students and developing this
capital in order to design a bright future that leads to the prosperity of
our nation and the endorsement to compete globally with a global mindset.
Brilliance academy
Brilliance academy Educação
● It was founded in 2002 with the goal of managing the educational service and spreading the message of education which states that the school is responsible for both educating and teaching manners to students in order to produce a balanced generation both academically and morally. 

● The academy expanded to include 5 educational campuses and more than 1500 employees. 

● It provides educational services to more than 7000 students all over its different schools: 

1. Brilliance Language Schools. 

2. Brilliance American School. 

3. Brilliance British School
El-Sewedy University of Technology - SUT
El-Sewedy University of Technology - SUT Educação
El Sewedy Education is an Egyptian education investment and management company established with the purpose of offering quality learning experiences through the development of sustainable world-class educational institutions with state-of-the-art facilities to maximize community impact. El Sewedy Education builds its presence in the region on three main pillars: Innovation, Inclusivity and Accessibility.

El Sewedy Education’s plan is to invest, within the next 5 years, extensively within Egypt focused on Greater Cairo applying the IBC model and private universities in other governates; in addition to its first K-12 international school.

Emerald Education Development and schools
Emerald Education Development and schools Educação
An institutional entity with clear responsibilities specialized in implementing and following up on the related process in schools.

كيان مؤسسي ذو مسؤوليات واضحة مختص بتنفيذ ومتابعة كل ما يتعلق بإدارة وتمكين العملية التعليمية بالمدارس.

The company has its own legal personality and independent financial disclosure.

تتمتـع الشـركة بالشـخصية المعنويـة والذمـة الماليـة المسـتقلة.

Achieve its objectives and activities on an economic basis according to the implementation of the Egyptian educational regulations.

تحقق أغراضهـا وممارسـة أنشـطتها علـى أسـس اقتصاديـة، وتطبيقا لمـا تقضـي بـه الأنظمـة التعليمية النافـذة فـي جمهورية مصر العربية.

Integration, Partnerships, and Financial Sustainability.

التكامل والشراكات والإستدامة المالية.
Engineering Tracks
Engineering Tracks Educação

Engineering Tracks is an Egyptian-Saudi training academy which to develop the academic side of the engineers in their various fields
Our Academy is specialized in training and engineering consultancy that we prepare the engineer in various fields professionally, by modern technology we use E-learning system in training and online courses through Cisco WEBX system, in order to bridge the gap between the academic field and the working markets. Also we develop the engineers in the administrative fields, including the preparation of a successful project manager to be capable of leading his project.
Fady Ahmed Khafagy Agency
Fady Ahmed Khafagy Agency Educação
Fady Ahmed Khafagy Agency is a creative event agency that orchestrates Interactive Media
Events & Conceptual Designs. Since 2015, we have materialized and maximized the vision
of our customers, delivering immersive experiences and impressive shows that enable a
transformative impact for the audience.​
Higher Educational Institute for Engineering
Higher Educational Institute for Engineering Educação
The Higher Institute of Engineering in the city of May 15th is affiliated to the Culture, Science and Educational Services Foundation. It is established by Ministerial Decree No. 4666 for the year 2000. The Institute is one of the Foundation’s activities.

* The Higher Institute of Engineering was established in May 15, 2002 by Ministerial Resolution No. 844 dated 9/6/2002 issued by Prof. Dr., Minister of Higher Education
Higher Institute Of Administrative Sciences
Higher Institute Of Administrative Sciences Educação
المعهد العالي للعلوم الإدارية بأوسيم يقع على طريق كورنيش الوراق – المناشى ، مركز أوسيم ، محافظة الجيزة
بدأ المعهد عمله باسم – المعهد العالي لإدارة المنشآت الصناعية بأوسيم – بموجب القرار الوزاري رقم 563 بتاريخ 1/4/2009 ،وتم تعديل الاسم ليصبح – المعهد العالي للعلوم الادارية بأوسيم – بموجب القرار الوزاري رقم 1901 لسنة 2012
المعهد يقع على مقربة من عدد كبير من القرى بمحافظتي الجيزة والقليوبية ويصل إلية عدد كبير من المواصلات العامة وكذلك قطار المناشى ( الذى يصل بين ميدان رمسيس ومحافظة البحيرة ) ، ويتمتع المعهد بمناخ صحى ممتاز لقربه الشديد من نهر النيل العظيم ولوجود مساحات خضراء واسعه حوله تتمثل في القرى المحيطة به
المعهد يقدم خدمه تعليميه جامعيه للمناطق القريبة منه لعدم وجود معاهد آخري قريبه منه مما يسهل لأهالي المناطق المحيطة به إلحاق أبنائهم لاستكمال تعليمهم الجامعي ونشر العملية التعليمية
للمعهد لائحة داخلية تتضمن الخطة الدراسية والمحتوى العلمي لها ، وقد صدر القرار الوزاري رقم 409 بتاريخ 21/2/2011 بإعتماد هذه اللائحة
المعهد يؤجل التجنيد للطلاب الذكور بموجب قرار القائد العام للقوات المسلحة وزير الدفاع والانتاج الحربى رقم (409) لسنة 2011 والقرار رقم (176) لسنة 2013
للمعهد لائحة إدارية معتمدة من مجلس إدارة المعهد
المعهد يقدم لطلابه كافة الأنشطة الرياضية والاجتماعية والثقافية داخل المعهد ويشارك في جميع هذه الأنشطة مع المعاهد الأخرى من خلال وزارة التعليم العالي ويتم تقديم جوائز قيمه وشهادات تقدير للطلاب الفائزين
يقوم بالتدريس بالمعهد نخبه من أفضل الأساتذة المتخصصين بالجامعات المصرية سواء بالتعيين أو الإعارة الكاملة أو الانتداب
المعهد يمنح بكالوريوس التجارة المعتمدة من وزارة التعليم العالي فى التخصصات الأتية
يتم تأهيل خريج المعهد للعمل في المجالات الآتية
العمل في المؤسسات المالية والبنكية
إدارة المشروعات التجارية والاستثمارية بأنواعها
العمل في الجهات الحكومية والخاصة

تعيين المتفوقين منهم بالمعهد بوظيفة معيد
استكمال الدراسات العليا والحصول على الماجستير والدكتوراه من إحدى الجامعات المصرية
IT EVENTS Educação
Established 2013 in Egypt with global scope to cover the Middle East and Africa area, delivering over 150 trainings to 30 entities in over 9 countries.
Our aspiration is to empower the ICT knowledge in Egypt and the MEA through accredited global courses, standards, and conferences.

Being the service provider for global organizations and authorized service provider for BICSI & EPI enabled us to:
* Deliver the highest professional training programs and credentials by global certified trainers.
* Events management for network building, latest technologies, and education awareness.
* Improving individuals’, companies’ quality and performance.
Innovera for Education Technology
Innovera for Education Technology Educação
Transforming the Educational process through an exceptional team in education technology since 2013!
Innovera brings change to the world of education in Egypt and Sudan through the latest technology. We facilitate the educational process for learners and educational institutions through our wide range of products and services.

Merit University Egypt
Merit University Egypt Educação
Merit is an advanced international university, established according to state-of-the-art educational and scientific systems; It aspires to be among leading universities in Egypt and overseas; It pursues an aim to highlight Egypt’s pivotal role in community development, scientific research, and preparing youth for a brighter future.

Merit provides educational, research, and other services in all scientific fields that are compatible with scientific advancement needs and the needs of the labor market in Egypt and abroad, also to seek to establish scientific partnerships with major universities and scientific research centers in the developed world.

Narmer American College
Narmer American College Educação
Narmer American College is an independent school which offers an American curriculum with American methods of learning. Founded in 2000, the school campus has outstanding facilities. Faculty experience represents over 50 different locations in the world. Our faculty work personally with each student, taking the responsibility of not only helping the students achieve their educational goals, but also preparing them for their future. The school achieves its mission & prepare students to succeed in the universities of their choice in Egypt and abroad. The PreK-12 curriculum is aligned with the AP Standards of learning following the College Board Standards for College Success CBSCS. We implement internal and external assessments and standardized testing such as IOWA tests.

Additionally internal assessments are conducted for students in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The PSAT is taken in Grade 10 and the SAT / SAT II in Grades 11 and/or 12. Regional academic.
Technology is integrated in our daily classroom practices with smart board technology including a dynamic academic Management system which enables students to follow and complete assignments and academics online. Laptops and IPad are essential on campus and our students learn to experiment and explore using the most advanced technological tools along with their own devices.

Our advanced Computer labs and fully equipped Science labs offer our students endless opportunities for learning and success. The fine arts department continues to expand its offerings and performances and a school Drama.

Who we are:
The school was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Mohamed El Rashidy, an educator with an experience of 50 years in Education. The school campus has outstanding facilities. Our Faculty
members are highly experienced and qualified professional educators. Our teachers work personally with each student, taking the responsibility of not only helping the students achieve their educational goals, but also preparing them for their future.

As NAC experiences steady growth, we prepare our students for continued development and our teachers and students share a love of learning and they strive for excellence in all they do. One of our major goals is for NAC to prepare students for lives of leadership and citizenship, including service to their communities. Another goal is to nurture strength of character, which will enable students to accept the responsibilities of adulthood.
Near East Services
Near East Services Educação
NEAR EAST SERVICES Co. was founded in 1967as one of the first wholly owned Egyptian companies to be the leader in the field of inspection, verification and testing . Started with only ten employees covering Egypt through one location at Alexandria city . Since 1967; NEAR EAST SERVICES Co. could expand its services through several branches and unique expertise servicing the Egyptian trade & industry within different fields; primarily in Agricultural, Mineral, oil & Gas, Industrial and Consumer products . This proven success and delivery capabilities have attracted some international players to join its role in the country as an agent or an affiliate. NES is implementing locally the most advanced recognized nationally and internationally procedures and norms.
Nilepublishing Educação
We are a leading publishing company in Egypt that has existed in the book market since 2007. We are a publisher, a sole agent, a distributor of world-wide renowned English educational and non-educational books and course books. We boast exclusive agency with numerous remarkable publishers as Alston Publishing House, Rachna Sagar, Om Kids International, B. Jain Publishers, Perfection Learning. We also distribute books for other publishers such as MacMillan, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Pearson Education. We are also a member of the Egyptian Book association.